Default Item lores

I’m looking for a plugin that allows you to change the default lore of an item. Something that allows me to edit the description of the item when you hover your mouse over it permanently. For sponge forge.

Nucleus allows you to edit lore

Is it in the default config? I’m extremely new to nucleus, I see the item section in the main.conf but I don’t think that’s where I should be looking :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a command. I didnt see default when i first read the post, not sure if nucleus can do that

Oh i’m sorry, I probably should’ve been more specific. I’m really looking for something that can allow me to edit the lores of specific items. An example would be on my Revelation server, Setting a lore that says, &4Banned: “reason”. so when people type Banned into NEI, it will pop up, its mainly for convenience but it allows for a lot of regulation, Another idea would be tech points, allowing me to add lores to specific machines that have a specific amount of points towards a set limit per chunk. That would all be possible with the ability to edit the default lores of the item.

If anything I would mostly be looking to request a plugin that allows so, if possible.

You can set lore on every item picked up, but you can’t set lore that’d appear like that in JEI. That’s modifying the base game, something Sponge can’t do.

So, then why is it possible in 1.7.10 versions of the game?

Im not sure if your thinking of the correct mod. Sponge did have 1.7.10 versions however they were so buggy and unstable that they were only released to the public as proof of concept. Back then Sponge couldn’t modify much, one of the many parts of minecraft it couldn’t modify on its own was Items.

Sponge has never been able to tamper with the base items that NEI uses without hooking directly into Minecraft using NMS and to be honest, probably never will as the stability of Sponge and its plugins would be too much of a risk to expose it.

Long story short, it wasn’t possible in Sponge for MC 1.7.10 without modifying base minecraft.