Delete my account / posts please

Hello Sir/Madam,

Can you please delete my account, this post : SpringLoader - using Spring with Sponge and this post where I ask for deletion.

With regards,

The account you are requesting be deleted is not the same as the account requesting it.
Have you lost access to the original account? We will need some way of confirming your identity.

Yes, it seams I have, I am not sure about which email I used to register it (likely one beginning by “www” in which case I don’t have access to it). I can think of 3 ways to authenticate myself:

  • I can send you a photo of my face containing some word of your choosing, you can compare it to the profile picture
  • I can give you the approx location / IP block that the account in question used to logged in
  • I can give you the full email address beginning by “www”.
    Either way I would prefer to continue this conversation in private