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I feel like having the front page show the latest posts is confusing and overwhelming to new users. Showing the categories rather than the latest posts will A) make users feel more at home in a more traditional forum layout and B) facilitate finding posts interesting and relevant to the user. Users can always click on “Latest” if they wish to view the latest posts from all categories. Perhaps even add an user setting for the user’s preferred home page.

Link for the lazy.

This discussion is now here as posts cannot be edited to add a poll.


As long I can find the current front page back its all good :smile:!

I’m fine with latest on front page, but I can see what you mean by new users being lost. Completely forgot that most forums are set up in a category-based fashion. I think to an extent, you can filter by category, but via the tags (assuming they’re accurate to the posts, which some aren’t I’m sure)

This was also discussed here


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We need this pronto!

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Did you just bump me? It wasn’t my decision to change it from the default category view to latest.

Who’s was it? Someone bump them.

No. Is this an actual issue? I can easily change it. But I need to know that this is an actual issue and people want it to be changed. It needs to be a majority opinion. So go get me a poll or something. Make it clear and understandable.