🖥 MultiScripts - [1.0.1-Beta] - [JavaScript, Lua, Python]


MultiScripts provides a simple API to combine Java with multiple programming languages. In other words, you can easily create a plugin in JavaScript, Python or Lua and share it with the community.

You can use the entire Sponge API with any of the languages supported. It will adapt itself to its environment and you will have no problem to bind your code to any other plugin.


The wiki contains more informations about how this plugin works and how to can create a plugin. Also, there is a lot of examples to show how to do some functionalities and there is an example in each supported language.


This is how you listen an event with MultiScripts. You can find more examples here.

function onInit() {
    Sponge.eventManager.registerListener(plugin, MultiScripts.getClass("org.spongepowered.api.event.world.SaveWorldEvent$Post"), MultiScripts.castFunction("org.spongepowered.api.event.EventListener", worldSaveEventListener));

function worldSaveEventListener(event) {
    plugin.logger.info("World " + event.targetWorld.name + " saved!!");

It is licensed under the MIT license.


  • This plugin is still in Beta, it may contains some bugs.
  • Some functionalities of the languages supported may not works. If you found any, create an issue please.



The discord link doesn’t work and a download link should be added.

I added a direct link to the releases and I changed the link for Discord.

MultiScripts 1.0.1-Beta

  • Fixed a bug.



Do you think it would it be feasible to add support for Ruby? (Possibly using JRuby)

Probably, I should check.

Sad I decided to work on 1.11… I can’t wait to see this plugin available for this version!

I will update it after I finished to update my plugin PermissionManager.

No problem, I can wait ^^ But still, I can’t wait for it!

(Yeah, 100% sense! But I guess you got it ^^")

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Did you delete the source? I was courious :disappointed:

I cleaned my Github and I set it private. It is now public.


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Do you think you will make a version for 1.11.2/Sponge 6.1.0? Or already working on this version?

Thanks for the reply!

PS: I meant 1.11.2, not 1.10.2 x.x

If you look at his repo, it’s been a while since he didn’t pull an update :

This plugin might be temporaily abandoned.