Despawner - Despawner - ability to control item despawn time

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  1. /despawner add <comparator> <delayInTicks> [player]
    Permission: despawner.command.add.base
    Overrides despawn ticks time for item in hand.
  2. /despawn remove [comparator]
    Permission: despawner.command.remove.base
    Removes item despawn ticks time override for item in hand. By default algorithm compares items in database using comparator which was used for override.
  3. /despawn save
    Saves config

Root command(/despawn) permission: despawner.command.root.base

Use time -1 to forbid item despawning. Warning! Some plugins may ignore this.

A new version has been released for Despawner, it is available for download here.

1.0 release