Detached Discussion Thread

I think I detached the forum discussion from my Ore project VillagerShops a long time ago. This means that even though “Create Forum Post” is checked uploading a new version does not create a comment on the forum post.

Since the plugin release category will shut soonish I and don’t know how to fix that I thought I might let you know and kindly ask if you guys could fix that for me.

Have a nice day,

Hey there!

I just checked it and it really seems like there is no forum topic linked to your Ore project. To fix this we have to introduce a new feature for admins to manually do this. I’ll work on this when I get some time and inform you then we fixed your issue!

@DosMike I found the issue! Your old topic in plugin releases had exactly the same title as Ore tried to create it. I renamed your old topic with the prefix [OLD] if you want to have something else there please edit it. Now your topic got created!

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