Dev Group: Plots (Real Estate) Management

Hello there! A lot of servers utilize different plugins (mainly PlotMe) for selling/buying regions of land (plots) and I think there should be one for Sponge that isn’t entirely dependent on WorldEdit or WorldGuard.


  • System to mark regions and protect them (ala plots)
  • System of ownership and members for plots
  • Ability for players to mark plots as buyable / sellable
  • List item
  • Have some sort of autonomy for plots being automatically sold after a certain period of inactivity from the owner

Together we could create an extensive and fully featured plots plugin that could be used by the masses!

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Since Sponge is supposedly going to support mods and such, I think there should be a mod built into the SpongeAPI that shows your selection kinda like the selection mod for WorldEdit. Something that could be used universally for different plugins. And maybe per plugin, there could be a color assigned when the server is started or something like that.


That would be an absolutely amazing idea

I’m not sure about that. The server shouldn’t provide any “extra” functionality. That should be left to the plugins.


As @blahsd Said, i think they are going to let those kind of think to plugin, and make the essential on the API

I have to agree with @blahsd features such as this should be left to plugins as it would be best to keep the API as lightweight as possibile. Some people do not require features that plugins such as WorldEdit and Voxelsniper provided. You can always hook into plugins if you have something that requires this functionality.

As for the plugin idea, I do agree that something like this should exist. I believe that it might be good to split this plugin up into multiple parts, that way the plugin would be lightweight and people could use the features that they want without having to bloat the server.

Would also have to agree with @blahsd on this one. No need to add RAM usage on servers for no good reason.

But back to the talk about the plugin, I think it’s a good idea and would help out however possible if I could.

Just to note that PlotMe doesn’t require WorldEdit and WorldGuard for selling regions. PlotMe is already planned/in process of porting to sponge.

Edit: As for the part about automatic selling of the plot, I just never gotten around to implementing that but it is doable.

Maybe it would be good to write an abstract plot core system that can be extended, so we can build different systems with different commands.

Next version of PlotMe is abstracting the world generator, to support multiple. Not sure how sponge will allow generators.

I’ve written a large-scale region protection plugin, I think a library type plugin that cooperates and allows handling the many prevention and protect events would be nice. I’m also willing to work on a public plugin with a group if anyone is interested.

But none of this should be in the server.

Bump I know, but I’m interested to know if anyone is still looking at this.

Yes, I’m interested. Got many ideas for a library.

Cool, send me a pm, anyone else who’s interested should also pm and I’ll try and setup a group pm.

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A plot library could utilize the new Data API to append any kind of data to a plot.