Dev Group: Terrain Modification

This group is for all plugin developers that are interested in developing and maintaining plugins that have as their core the functionality of modifying terrain. This includes biomes, perlin noise types, and basic ‘earthy’ blocks. If you have made plugins before that deal with manipulating minecraft terrain, introduce yourself and your work here.

I personally am the developer of OreVeins, a (formerly) bukkit plugin that redistributes minecraft ores into geologically accurate structures.

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Hey! I’m the developer of IslandCraft. Perhaps you’d like to join the discussion about a World Generator API over here. :wink:


Looks like a really cool plugin (I instantly downloaded it and putted it in a server :smiley:)
Will it be ported to Sponge?

Im guess once the API allows him to do so

Hey guys,
I;m planning on implementing a bunch of features for my plugin for the sponge release. One of these features is ‘placer’ deposits associated with nearby outcrops of veins. This is how they work in real life placer deposit graphic

I’m still not quite sure about what methods I should use to make these deposits. Do any of you have some ideas?

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I’m interesting in biome editing and terrain regeneration (repopulation) features. I’ll use it for Sponge version of WeatherMan.