Dev needed for multiple projects! (PAID)

Established Pixelmon Server looking for a developer able to develop in some Sponge, Pixelmon Generations, and possibly a little of Forge! We average around 10-20 players right now but during summer we typically average 25-35 with a peak of 53 players!

Work Needed
We have an ever growing list of features we would like to have developed but can’t find a developer willing to do some of these projects. Some plugins will be based only on Sponge but many will need to use the Pixelmon Generations API and some may require Forge. We have a couple projects that have development started on them, but ultimately need finishing!

We are looking for a longer term developer but we are happy to accept one-off developers too!

Budget is flexible and negotiable, we just ask that prices remain reasonable!

Projects that we have you work on must remain private and we ask for the source code in the case that we need fixes or updates from another developer. We do not have deadlines for projects but ask that you are able to stick to a time frame that you give us and we don’t have to wait months for a small project.

Feel free to contact me on Discord with any questions or inquiries! Stampede#8301

We’re still looking for developers to work on some projects! Please contact me on Discord if you’re interested: Stampede#8301