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Hello, my name is JewishBagel, my partner and myself are in search of a developer that can help us get our server to where we want it to be. The server will specifically be based around pixelmon and we need your help in order to get it to the point of where others can enjoy the server!

Work Needed

This is mainly for a short term job, after finishing and payment, we may wish to contact you again, but that’s up to your discretion.

We are in need of a Crate plugin where we can use custom tokens in the crates in which players receive. If you choose a certain crate plugin that requires coding we will need you to code it to our thoughts if possible.

We also are in need of those custom in game tokens, pretty sure you can just make them out of the paper, but just in case we are wrong.

WorldGuard/Spawn Protection. We cannot seem to get the plugin we have to work, we will need your expertise to fix this.

NPC Shop Keepers: these will need to be set to our shop standards if possible.

Holograms: any floating text plugin, the ones i keep trying are not very helpful and never work, so if you could help us find one and get it in working order I’d appreciate it.

Global Trade Station: we need help finding the download for it, and uploading it to our server, we try to find it but no luck.

MCEdit: mainly just need help downloading our WIP spawn to a new server that makes no structures(both minecraft and pixelmon(unless they’re shrines) on the world. I tried doing this but i came up with an error. Pretty sure it’s simple and i just did something wrong but yeah.

There’s probably a couple more things I cannot think of at the moment, but if you can help us with these issues, we would really appreciate it.


The rate will be dependable on how much you think it will be worth, whether it’s hourly or fixed, it can be negotiated between us.


Main terms we have is we just need a small/large amount of your time in order to get this server to where we can open it to the public. Like i said, there may be a few things not listed here because i did not think of them at the time but if possible and you’re able to work them in or have anymore suggestions of what we need we would love the feedback!


Mainly Discord, I will try to respond to PMs if discord is not an option for you. Add JewishBagel#2536 if discord is possible for you. Thanks.


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Isn’t Pixelmon dead?

It is.

Even though there was a C&D, We are still avid pixelmon lovers and that is why we wish to get this server running. Still looking for a dev.

The most important question is, which version of Pixelmon are you using? Or are you using an illegal “fork”?

Regardless of how the old devs feel, people are still going to end up trying to continue it for their own personal reasons. Unless you guys intend to go after each person who has forked out the newer modifications of the old mod. Someone’s always going to continue it regardless of how you guys feel. Just my insight on the whole situation :\

Just to clarify here, it’s not about how the developers feel about it. It’s about the cease-and-desist message sent from the original copyright holders that killed Pixelmon. Distribution of those assets is legally prohibited.