Devs Available Template + Guidelines

This category is for Developers seeking paid work related to MineCraft or Sponge. Transactions between users should be done in private, and not as replies to these threads. Any agreed deal is at your own risk; SpongePowered takes no responsibility for third-party transactions.

By posting in this category, you accept the disclaimer above.

To post in this category, we ask that you use the following template. It helps to provide useful details that might otherwise be overlooked, and gives you an opportunity to showcase your abilities.

Give a brief description of yourself and your service.

Public Experience
List your publicly available experience. This can include prior plugins, a GitHub portfolio, etc.

Previous Commissions
List any previous servers you have worked for. Note that some servers may require permission for public listings such as this.

Here you should include how much you generally charge, or if the amount changes, depending on the project.

Here you can list your personal terms and conditions.
You must include whether you will do closed source plugins, or release all plugins to the public.

Here you should list how people are to contact you outside of the Sponge forums.
Financial negotiations are not permitted on the forums.

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