Devs Wanted - Quick and easy Ecoban plugin

I’m Henk and I’m a high end staff member on the Craftersland network- as our developer has a lot on his plate I seek help from you developers to ease his burden by helping create this plugin.

Work Needed

This is a one-off role- Meaning that we are only looking to make this one plugin. If we are impressed we might contact you again.
The idea is that we would be able to give out permissions to ~moderators to remove a player’s permissions by the help of an /ecoban plugin. The permissions removed when executing the /ecoban command should be customizable in a config(multiple perm nodes.). Should also have the option to be permanent or temporary with a set time that expires. (Specify time with 7d, 1w, 1s, 1d, 52w, etc. If no time specified = perm)
The ban should be in a small broadcast message- also to be able to turn off and customize in config.
A small database of old and current ecobans. So also be viewed ingame using a command such as /ecohistory. It is to work with MC 1.10(sponge API5) and MC 1.12(sponge API7) as well as Luckperms. (we are also interested to have the same plugin for MC 1.7.10, 1.6.4 using bukkitforge and PEX. This can be discussed on discord PM.)



This can be negotiated(But only thru discord. Henkekalmar#7675) but from where I stand this sounds relatively “easy” so my initial offer is ~$15


We in Craftersland would prefer if the code stayed open only to us- but you would be able to include it on your portfolio.
This can also be negotiated if the developer have strong reasoning’s to make the plugin public.
My terms and conditions are that the plugin follow the plugin has the features listed in the “Work needed” section and is functionable.


Reach out to me on discord PM - Henkekalmar#7675 - I will get back to you as soon as possible! Most times it will be instant but I guarantee a response within 24 hours.

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Commission taken up by @Eufranio -