Different SpongeForge server mod packs with the same client mod pack?

Hello Spongies! I come bearing memes an interesting question.

I am currently in the process of setting up a small chain of servers for a community I manage. My goal is to set up three different servers and connect them using Bungeecord:

  1. A SpongeForge PVP server
  2. A SpongeForge Survival server
  3. A Spigot server that acts as a lobby

My goal is to run a different modpack on each of the SF servers: one focused on PVP and the other on survival. To simplify the process for the players (most of which are not too techy), I wish to avoid forcing them to tinker with different Minecraft profiles and to make switching between the servers as seamless and easy as possible.
However, this brings up a problem: since each of the SF servers run a different modpack, switching between them with the same Minecraft profile may be a problem.
(The Spigot lobby works fine, thankfully, as Forge allows connecting to vanilla servers even with mods installed)

This is where I came up with an idea: what if the client modpack will be composed of both the server modpacks at once? If I take all the mods from Server 1, add to them all the mods from Server 2, and then pack them together into a single client profile, will it be possible to switch between the two servers? After all, the client has all the mods the server requires in both case - it just has some “extra” mods that the server doesn’t. Would the server care about this?

Is this kind of a configuration possible? To me, it seems so, but perhaps my understanding of the topic is flawed. Therefore, I come to you, o almighty Spongeeners, with this question.

Thanks for reading! Your help is very much appreciated.

should be possible, keep in mind some mods behave badly when they aren’t on the server and only on the client
but usually that can be resolved by reporting it to the mod author

another option would be using something like SKCraft or the Technic Launcher to distribute your packs

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Hey, I’ve tried doing this before, but it didn’t work for me. Some mods don’t like it when you try to join a forge server when they are not installed, but you might not have those mods, or they might have fixed it since then, only way to really find out is to try. You’d also have to update your modpack/servers at the same time to make sure all the versions of the mods which are on both servers are the same, which is a bit of a pain. But I personally host both of my packs on both the Technic and Curse/Twitch launchers, so it’s easy for players to change modpacks.

~ Alice

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Thank you both!
I gave this a go yesterday, and indeed, there were all kinds of clashes with some of the mods. However, I’m slowly progressing through the list and fixing/removing whatever I can.
I believe this will work eventually.

Also, @phit, thanks for the suggestion for SKCraft. Never knew that was a thing, and it’s going to be very useful for me in this project.