DimReseter - Manages Monthly Dim Resets

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Allows scheduling of Monthly Dim resets for worlds like Mining worlds or any other world.

  • Has Optional GriefPrevention Integration to remove claims in worlds that get reset.
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A new version has been released for DimReseter, it is available for download here.

Manages Monthly Dim Resets

  • Added Optional GP Integration. Will now remove claims in worlds it resets if GriefPrevention is loaded.

Is it possible to have this reset weekly instead of monthly? Our SkyFactory server has issues with the End Dragon ressurection breaking so we end up resetting the End and that seems to resolve the issue for a few days. A weekly reset of the End would take the manual work out of this for us.

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Breaking it what way? Do you have Spawn-Protection enabled in Server.Properties?

It’s a known bug with Sponge and some combination of forge mods at the moment, cause unknown. If anyone knows the exact cause or how to fix it, we would appreciate knowing on the issue tracker.

My issue with the statement is that he said its Skyfactory… on our network we have zero issues resurrection the dragon that I am aware of… we just recently updated to the newest version for 1.10, so I will have someone try it out and get back to you.

We are not running the latest skyfactory at the moment on our server. We are running version 3.0.13. When we tried to update a couple weeks ago something went wrong and it damaged the world so I reloaded the backup and kept it at 3.0.13 for the time being. I’m hoping to have time to try and update again this weekend but we recently updated our custom pack server and launched a Horizons III server so haven’t had time to focus on update SF3 yet as other than the dragon issue, we haven’t had any complaints/issues (aside from the stock island management mod being junk and forcing us to change how the islands are managed)

In regards to your question about how it’s breaking, Spawn protection is set to 0 in server.properties. The issue we have is when someone places the crystals, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Unfortunately, I don’t have really any more information than that. I have went on there when someone would report they couldn’t respawn the dragon and I would verify they set it up right, then would break theirs and set it up myself with the same result of nothing happening. At that point, I would just collect their crystals and reboot the server so I could reset the End. Once reset, it would seem to work fine for a few respawns, then stop working again.

Anyway, Ill look into both the “breaking” and DimReseter suggestion… I am in the process of updating my plugins to API7, so bare with me :stuck_out_tongue:

A new version has been released for DimReseter, it is available for download here.

Manages Monthly Dim Resets

Update to Sponge API 7

So I dont see much documentation. Is there a configurable timeframe? Does it just rollback to a preset-world state? What happens to NPCs and holograms?

There’s no information on how to config this… Can I choose a template for the worlds to use? Like does it just delete the dimensions? I’m sure you didn’t think about this, but you can’t expect everyone to just… magically understand your plugin. At least provide a configuration breakdown. For example. The plugin makes two conf files. DimReseter.conf and dimreseter.conf. How do I know which one to edit? Does it even matter? Can I pregenerate a world for dimreseter to reset /TO/? Having a world re-generate on startup seems slow to me. Information would be appreciated.