Disable Dynamics (Ice melting, Leaf decay)

Apologies if a released or WIP plugin already exists, but I’ve briefly scanned the various plugins to no avail. I am in need of a way to stop things like ice melting and decay, is it possible for someone to create a simple plugin that achieves this?

I’ve been using WorldGuard to do this since the early days of Bukkit, but I see that hasn’t yet been released for Sponge, and the Core Zones module (The only replacement I know of) doesn’t appear to have such a feature.


I am interested in attempting to make this.

What all should this stop, beyond ice melting and leaf decay?

  • Grass growth?
  • Liquids flowing?
  • Trees growing? Crops?
  • Animals eating grass?
  • Lightning creating fire or rain putting out fire?
  • Snow falling?
  • Endermen Picking up blocks?
  • Redstone propagation?

It would probably be simplest just to stop everything, but I don’t think that is exactly what you want. What is your use case?

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We’ve been working on a modern city that has custom trees and also uses Ice in place of glass, so those are my main concern. All of the things WorldGuard (Add firespread to that list) allows you to disable would be nice, but of course configurable…

All of these things are rather easy to prevent via just canceling events but the config file will probably be massive, same with the class. It would probably be a really small plugin but a useful one for sure.

I actually JUST released a WIP plugin that can do this.

Follow the quickstart but use a Passive Handler instead of a Simple Handler.

Then run:

/foxguard modify handler <handlername> set ALL deny

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Teeny bit excessive. Just a decay-prevention plugin is necessary but hey.

… I should open up a competitor to your plugins with the prefix wolf.

That would be kinda lame.

Also we don’t need another FlowerChild.

I appear to have missed out.

Big drama shitstorm a long while back.

This is back when Eloraam and SpaceToad and Ablaka were still active and Minecraft Forge was still pretty new.

FlowerChild was originally one of the devs for Minecraft Forge but had a falling out the rest of the devs.

He makes the mod “Better than Wolves”, A mod specifically designed to be completely incompatible with everything, out of spite of forge.

The mod was originally written out of spite of Minecraft when Mojang added wolves instead of another more sorely needed feature.

There’s your dose of Minecraft community history.

That’s kinda lame.

Thanks for including this in your plugin! =)