Disable sound effect when spawning an armor stand

When an ArmorStand entity is passed to World#spawnEntity(Entity, Cause), a sound is played. Would it be possible to disable this sound? All I can think of is spawn the ArmorStand somewhere else and then change it’s location where I want to put it, but that sounds a little hacky. So I thought that maybe there’s a better way?

I’ve tried spawning them myself and I am not getting any type of sound. Would you mind posting your code?

It might be that your armorstands are falling, maybe they make a sound that way.

Keys.IS_SILENT may work with armor stands, I don’t know.

It depends on your usage otherwise; if you intend them to behave normally, you just have to make sure they’re fully on the ground and not falling at all; if you’re using them for, say, holographic purposes, turning gravity off will prevent them from falling and making a noise.

Keys.IS_SILENT suits my case perfectly, thanks!