DisableSkeletonHorse - disables skeleton horses when gamerule doMobSpawning = falsecan also remove skeleton horses on chunk load, using /gamerule removeSkeletalHorseSpecial thanks to pixelmonharmony.com

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Special thanks to Pixelmon Harmony for commissioning this plugin, and allowing it to be publically released.

Skeleton Horses in Vanilla & Sponge Powered servers bypass the default mob spawning gamerules.

Horses are additionally considered non-hostile mobs, so can wreck havoc with protection plugins.

This plugin has 2 mechanics.

The first is that when the gamerule doMobSpawning = false, Skeleton horses will no longer spawn naturally on lightning strikes.

Secondly, it introduces a new gamerule, removeSkeletalHorse.

removeSkeletalHorse = true will remove all skeletal horses & their passengers when the chunks load.

To enable, do /gamerule removeSkeletalHorse true

API 4, 4.1, 5 -> V1.0.0

API 6 -> V1.1.0

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Original Ore-Staging post: DisableSkeletonHorse - Disables skeleton horses [5.0.0] (Old Ore-Staging)

@ryantheleach sry for my ignorance, but how can i install this? its a zip archive

You scared me for a second. It is not a zip archive? It’s just a normal jar? You should be able to just copy it to the mods folder?

How are you downloading it that it appears as a zip?

I downloaded it from here https://ore-staging.spongepowered.org/ryantheleach/DisableSkeletonHorse and its a zip archive

@windy I’ve checked and it’s a jar. So either multiple people are getting different results, or @McGangsterFresh has likely associated .jar’s with winrar or winzip somehow…

Can you or someone else check? Because at this stage it’s my word against theirs.

It’s a .jar file for me @ryantheleach.

This often happens with certain browsers too. You can just rename the .zip to a .jar and it should be OK.

Hey I really need this plugin and THE DOWNLOAD LINK DOESN’T WORK. I just had a group of skeleton horseman spawn in broad daylight and kill me. Then when I went back to get my stuff I killed most of them just to have another group spawn in front of me causing me to have to run and get arrows to kill them. I’m venting a little, but this is the worst thing to ever have been implemented in this game. I really need this so please fix the link.

The link isn’t broken, you just have a bit of bad timing. It appears Ore itself is down at the moment.

That’s just great. Thanks for your help

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For the time being I’ve mirrored it here since you seem to be in a pickle.

**Removed dropbox link **

Working perfectly thank you!

Working perfectly here on the latest stable 1.10.2 build. Exactly how I was hoping it would work :slight_smile:
you are my hero, Thank-you.

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this version of the plugin cause an issue, that sometimes other entities will be invisible, for example pigs and minecarts.

This leads to the problem, that you can not place any blocks at this place.
to solve this problem, I have to start the sever without the plugin and later restart it with the plugin.
Are you able to fix this problem?

I have no idea how this plugin could even remotely be causing that issue. Are you 100% sure it’s this plugin and it wasn’t just restarting that fixed it?

Otherwise I’m going to assume it’s a bug in Sponge / another plugin or mod.

When this bug appears, I begun with restarting the server, this does not solve the problem, so I removed your plugin an started the e server again.
After this the entities appear at the place, where I couldn’t place the block.
After this, I put your Plugin back in mod-folder and started the server again.
After this the entities where at the right place and I was able to place blocks.

So on my opinion it’s your plugin who does the bug or your plugin correlate with sponge on a weird way. But you are the expert and I am just a user and I have no idea of developing.



i get on both the ore project url and the dropbox url an error when i try to download. Is this plugin died or is it moved somewhere?

Looks like dropbox decided to change how files were shared, thanks for the message I’ll fix the download, and update the version after work tonight.

Will host versions for 5, 6, 6.1

@0rd3p I’ve reuploaded this to Ore, and merged this with the new Ore topic.

Plugin constantly spams the console while it’s running on my server, I presume whenever an entity is spawned due to the SpawnEntityEvent triggering it. Server is running SpongeForge 1.11.2-2393-6.1.0-BETA-2484.