[Discontinued] ChestShop

Hey everyone, ChestShop (or at least a bit modified version of it) will be coming to Sponge. If you want to contribute, or just watch the development, here is the GitHub repo:

(EDIT: Sorry! Of course I meant Sponge)


You meant “Coming to Sponge”, right? :wink:

If not:
This forum isn’t the right place to advertise Spigot or Bukkit plugins, sorry.

Yup, sorry for that! Fixing this right away :wink:

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Ayyy, Chestshop! I remember this plugin. :slight_smile: Glad to see you porting it, @Acrobot.


Oh, almost missed that:

Welcome aboard, have a nice stay! :smile:

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Why heloooo? What do we have here? I missed you, ChestShop :smiley:

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Have we had any updates on this?

Sadly, Acrobot has abandoned development. https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chestshop/?page=4#comments
New developers have produced forked versions of ChestShop for Bukkit and MC 1.10.2, but the original Sponge fork has been untouched for a year. Either someone else picks up the ball and runs with it, or you’ll have to use a different shops plugin.