[DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]

Just wondering if essentialCmds and kits will still be receiving updates even after nucleus is done or not? :disappointed_relieved:

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Ohh the owner of Mirage Craft.
I hear your server is very nice.

Anyway, I believe hassan said it would be discontinued, but updated until nucleus was completed or out of BETA.
Don’t quote me though :^)


after nucleus is at par with essentialcmds , essentialcmds wont recieve updates afaik…

However @HassanS6000 is planning on a config/data translation to nucleus :slight_smile:

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Where did you get that from? XD how did you know.
Well, used to be nice until lack of updates happened.

And ahh I see, thanks

I believe my friend Halornek and his friends play over there, or used to?

Hi, I had an issue when using this plugin alongside SimpleTags where player names would appear twice in the chat in the format of:
“[RankPrefix][Username]: <*Username> Chat”
(Ignore the asterisk - I couldn’t get Username to show without it due to the arrows.)

try removing [Username] and perhaps it should only show once(?) I don’t use simpletags but showing a suggestion lol

Woops, the forums formatting made part of my post not appear - fixed it now. I’m saying that’s what’s appearing in chat.

Thanks for trying, though!

You’ll probably need to disable EssentialCmds chat formatting for that to work, which isn’t possible yet. I’ll try and get this option out soon

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Suggestion for /nick remove or /nick delete that removes your nick instead of setting your nick to “delete/remove”

Also is it possible to have the username be affected by color codes? Like permissionsex prefixes

Yes it is, it is a similar process to how you set the number of homes per group, through Permission Options. For the color of the name, I believe the option is literally namecolor. For example, /pex group Default option namecolor RED

I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Ahhh didn’t know that. Are there other options I’m missing aside from prefix, suffix, homes and namecolor? Don’t know if there’s even a list but I couldn’t find it on the permissionsex page

The options are managed by EssentialCmds not PEX. :slight_smile:

The only other one is homes, I think…

ahhh :stuck_out_tongue: I see. thanks

Question - does EssentialCmds support commands such as ./give or ./effect? I am trying to find the permission node so it let’s me implement it in a rank with PEX… But I have only found how to do that with Bukkit Essentials.

Nope, EssentialCmds does not override /give or /effect, those can probably be found, with their permission nodes, on the Sponge Docs.

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Also just an fyi you can use /pex debug then type in any command and look in console to find the permission of that command. Once you’re done type /pex debug again to turn it off.

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That is certainly useful to know, thanks!

I have some problems:
1)I have built room and then set spawn point inside. It works if you’re typing /spawn or die. But when the new player is joining, he spawn near the room.
2)Firstjoin’s text don’t work.
3)“join” write “@p” instead nick of the player, others (login and disconnect) work fine.

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