[DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]

Hi! Sorry I saw this message a bit late. SpongeEssentialCmds v1.4b adds the permission color.chat.use to enable color chat. However I haven’t yet added a permission for the colored signs yet. Probably will do that later. :wink:

Dont be sorry, you have alot going on! You are really doing amazing as everyone says and also you answer quick which is something that i am not used to. Thanks again!

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No problem. Check out warps in v1.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

um just an idea but possibly make a command to stop weather till either the server is reset or its forced on? like /killweather? shrugs just an idea cuz weather is so annoying sometimes
and or a setting to prevent weather from creating snow and ice or ice from melting idk just thought it would be a neat idea

I think this is going to become the main essentials plugin/mod for sponge due to how quick you are developing it. But do you think you can think about kits anytime soon? PLz and Thz

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He has a kits plugin, Go check it out here

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I see now thz for telling me.

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Hi there, 1 question: am I right in saying that when I replace SEC v1.2 with v1.5 I delete v1.2, replace it with v1.5 and leave the .conf file as is?

Yeah thats what I did and it works.

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/spawn only teleports to the given coords, meaning if you are in a different dimension it won’t put you back into the dimension you set spawn in

This is already known. Will be fixed in the future.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

All done in v1.6. Also Warps have signs which can be used by right clicking to teleport to specified Warp. Enjoy.

Thanks!BTW,I used it on forge.1450 and sponge DEV532,but it did not work.Dose this plugin require any other plugin?

I suggest you try forge 1487 together with dev 525.

No it doesn’t require any other plugins. Make sure you have a more recent version of Forge and Sponge installed…

The combi 1487/525 was recommended to me elsewhere in this forum as it correlates best to all other plugins available for sponge.


Warps and Homes do not seem to work inter-dimensionally.

Yes he know and is fixing it!

Warps fixed in SpongeEssentialCmds v1.6b - Fixing homes now. You may have to set your warps again.

EDIT: Homes fixed. Try out v1.6c

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