[DISCONTINUED] [Lag Remover] [4.0.0+] TwentyTicks - Clearlag, but simpler


How do I edit the the config file?


How does this work with pixelmon and/or CustomNPCs?? Does it need specially config? Because Pokemon and NPCs are entities. Any1 using it on Pixelmon? Tips before I do install it?


It works fine with Pixelmon. Doesn’t remove pokemon or npcs when it clears


twentyticks.command.tickstat doesn’t seem to work, or am I misunderstanding this


Using Sponge 1350 This plugin creates a duping glitch. When throwing items out of your inventory they stay in your inventory but also fall on the ground essentially duping. Also a thrown pokeball that’s catching a pokemon gets removed when the plugin runs - not sure whether that could be fixed though.

EDIT: typo, it’s actually 1351


That’s also the case on bukkit clearlag-similar plugins

Also notice spongeforge 1350 is not for download anymore? its bugged. the dupe bug perhaps has nothing to do with twentyticks.


My server is running sponge 1351 with no issues (my typo, it’s not 1350). With twenty ticks loaded the glitch is there, without it it’s not so it has to be related to twentyticks itself.


Have you tried running the recommended Sponge 1320 and seeing if fixed?


I actually take this back, seems to have been purely a coincidence, as the same thing happened on the server last night without twentyticks. Sowwee :sweat:


Your config does not have a fileending?


We had that issue between Pixelmon versions 4.2.2 and 4.2.3, the only thing we found that fixed it was 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry but I’ve decided that I’m personally going to discontinue this plugin and will no longer be releasing updates. When I first posted it, the aim was simply to make my first plugin built for the Sponge platform and for only a few users to give it a try.

It’s been used much more than I expected and I don’t see it as having as much care as it deserves - more bugs are only going to appear with time.

If anyone wants the code and would like to take over, please let me know. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop supporting the plugin. Thanks so much to everyone who has used it!


Any idea on what plugin you are going to work on next?


Hi, I’m currently working on https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mcjukebox.16024/ and plan to port it over onto the Sponge platform soon :slight_smile:


Care to edit the title and description to note of the discontinuation?


Not a problem, thanks for keeping up with the forums and being so good at maintaining them! :slight_smile:


R.I.P 'twas a good plugin. Well done on the time you spent working on it, and thanks for your time/effort you put into it.


Anyone interested in taking over? I’m trying to find a similar plugin for API5


This does still work for me on API5.
Although having one to manage a broad range of entities would be nice.


Ive already been working on a Entity Remover, works for Vanilla and Modded. It isn’t quite at this level yet, but works for API 5.0.0

Feature requests are welcome of course.