[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]

Another ideas,

-A bank for town, we can deposit and withdraw money.
-A tax system, a tax that will be taken every “x” time and deposit in town’s bank

  • we can distribute claims chunks between town’s redidents

If you would i can be the beta tester of your plugin :smile:

Thanks for the ideas. I’d love for you to be my beta tester for this plugin!

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Oh, Thank you :smile:

and i forgot, a command for see all commands of your plugin (like /town help)

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Fixed in v0.3, Enjoy!

thank you :smile:

Hmm. Is there no command to remove an ally or enemy? :slight_smile:

Adding that today :wink:

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Update v0.4 adds this, Enjoy! :slight_smile:


@552jules can you test it?

yes of course, i did not find bugs :smile:

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sorry not to have answered, I was not there this day

Thanks! Working on other features. :slight_smile:

oki good work ! :smile:

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I found a bug, when we use the command /deletetown in a town, and we want to create another town, he said we must leave the town whereas we are longer in the town

You need to use /disbandtown

Then tell me.

I can’t create a new town:


I have not seen it because i was already in a town, sorry :frowning:

Thanks for testing this! I’ll fix this immediately.

EDIT: Can you verify it’s fixed in v0.5?

Yes, he work but the /disbandtown don’t work:

he says: Too many argument and when i put /disbandtown (for example) Admin, he says the same message
Can you fix that?

I have another idea for the plugin:

-add a sufix or a prefix for the faction (name of faction :)) when we talk in the chat

Good Work

Just do /disbandtown nothing else.

Will do.

/disbandtown don’t work to

Okay, I’m testing.