[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


i have an issue here, i cant allow users to ride minecarts in public areas, which is the exact entity full ID?


@Bubbles @Joshua_Law I’d report this to Hassan’s GitHub, which you can find in the main post above.


Thank you, I submitted it. I like the plugin, I just thought maybe I had a setting wrong.


This is being updated to latest API revision today.


One of my staff ran across this exploit today and reported it to me:

When one uses /p deposit, they are able to enter a negative amount and pull money from the aether and have it plopped into their account. This does affect the polis balance however, manifesting as a negative polis balance.

For the time being I am going to disable claiming costing money and will disallow the permissions node for the deposit command.



You should report this to the GitHub - that’s where it is best to track the bugs.


I have a problem because when I want create cuboid/safezone to spawn and write /polis adminclaim Spawn writes “Zone name is not applicable”. Help me!


That’s because you interpreted the argument wrong. The name specifies the ‘type’ of claim, not it’s actual name/purpose. So, you’d use the command like this:
/polis adminclaim SafeZone/WarZone [radius]


Release v2.7.0:

Minecraft 1.10.2 - Tested on SpongeForge 6.0.0-BETA-1869


  • Checking claims goes through a cache, massively improving performance
  • Can now set how many extra claims a town gets based on player count. Default is +5 per town member.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no cap to the number of claims
  • HQs are now set the moment someone makes their first claim
  • Admins can now set leaders of other towns (node: polis.setleader.admin)
  • Admins also can now disband other towns (node: polis.disband.admin)
  • Modified displayed information in /polis info
  • Executives can leave towns (thanks to @ryantheleach for this one)

I’ve only put out this version for 1.10.2 since everyone’s kinda moving past 1.8.9. Also because it would take me way too long to get all those changes back on to the 1.8.9 version, but if anyone asks tell them it’s the first reason. Your regular host will be back soon I’m sure, however I am putting out this version because Hassan has been busy, and the majority of the changes above were done by me in his stead. Performance was getting pretty rough.

I can’t guarantee that it’s perfectly stable, and it probably does have a couple bugs here and there, but the performance is a lot better; that I can say with confidence. Hope it helps those of you struggling with performance. Be sure to place tickets with bugs.

~ Much love, Hiroku


Is there any way to allow a player within a zone to say Cut down a tree and nothing else?


Hi, how can I remove this message or totally remove the plugin economy (because I do not use it)


That’s Total Economy paying the player through jobs. This is nothing to do with Polis


Hi everyone,
I have a particular bug with the ./polis claim, the commande set this error >>

Thanks to those who have a solution :confused:


We need the actual error in console, not the chat message. Please pastebin and submit it to the GitHub tracker.


Configs for totaleconomy, turn jobs to false


How come every time the server restarts the tax command gets run? Hypothetically it should be fine but when you as the server admin have to figure out why something in the server config is wrong and restart the server a lot players end up losing 100s of dollars over a short period of time and for no good reason. I am running Polis 2.6.9 but did not see this change in 2.7.0 and have not had time to update yet.


Can someone explain how the PVP system works with this.

Can town members attack allies in unclaimed land?
Can town members attack enemies in thier own land, or enemy land?

As of right now, the only pvp restriction i see is no one can pvp inside safe zones.



polis can not protect the item_frame,
painting, armor_stand :((

p.s.: please tell me, the name of Skeleton Trap Horse in game (minecraft:*****)


They have no name. (wow, that sounds ominous …)

You might be looking for something like this…


I would like to limit the spawn of the mob, as it leads to the lags. Ideal would be to add SkeletonTrapHorse in the plugin ClearMob… or wait sponge for 1.11