[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


Players are unable to leave a town with /polis leave
Permission is checked for polis.leave


We tried the TechnicalBlock IDs as well and no luck getting them to be intractable in safe zones.


Go on the pixelmon forums page and join our discord, we will be able to better help you


Forums have been down so haven’t been able to find your Discord.
This is my configuration and it is registering the Pixelmon blocks in the config, however, they still can not use them.

EDIT: Also is there a way to add the ability for players to still right click Pokemon in claimed regions? They are unable to ride their Pokemon in claimed regions unless they own the region.


Hassan, you are all over the place on sponge! Thanks for your hard work. Quick question on /addzonemob command. I’m trying to get rid of these dang Skeleton Horses from spawning in towns, but each way I’ve tried the command it says unknown command. /addzonemob zone mob. I’m not even sure what to input in the mob line. Number? Name? I would really appreciate the help!


Executives are unable to leave their town. We have to manually remove their name from the town config.


[details=Summary]I can’t seem to get usable items working in the SafeZone. I am using the ids found in /blockinfo, and it’s in the team config as would be expected:

usable {

Non-admins cannot sleep or open iron chests in the zone. That seems like a permissions issue to me, so I even added all of the possible perms for polis to the default group, and it still does not seem to work. Could there be another mod or plugin interfering with this functionality? Not really sure what I can do differently.[/details]

e; Never mind, I missed the spawn protection override permission “minecraft.spawn-protection.override” it’s working now :smiley:


It’s /polis addzonemob - the prefix is missing from the documentation.


Hi there! I love love the plugin. I was wondering if it was possible to set specific colored prefixes per team? Thank you!


This breaks on the newest Sponge 1721 with the basic new Inventory API


I see that there was an issue with pixelmon not being able to be challenged in safe zones, and I am now having that problem myself. I couldn’t see how the issue got fixed though; can anyone tell me how it works? Also, how would I allow players to kill sheep/pigs/cows/etc. in safe zones as well?


You’d do /polis addusable {entity/tile ID}. For instance, minecraft:pig or for Pixelmon, pixelmon:pixelmon.


That did not work.


Wait, it finally did…


Is this compatible with RedProtect?
Could I have a RedProtect admin claim inside a Polis admin claim safe zone and the RedProtect zone override the Polis claim it’s inside of?



Generally with protection plugins they tend to work together wellish.

If regions overlap from different sources, what tends to happen is that the most restrictive one wins.

theoretical example, please don’t take too literally as I don’t have much experience with either plugin.
FoxGuard with a region and handler for a world preventing placement of trapdoors.
Polis town inside that.

the polis town will prevent people from outside the town from building within it, but foxguard will prevent anyone from being able to place trapdoors, even if they own the town.

Does that help at all?


Do you know what the ShopKeeper/Talking NPCs/etc. entity IDs are? I can’t find them


I downloaded the latest verion of Polis and Spongeforge. I wasn’t ready to fully implement economy but wanted players to claim, so I set claim max at 6 and price at 0. Players were able to claim as many chunks as they wanted to.


This is quite the under developed plugin at the moment.

Trying to stop mobs from being able to spawn in the spawn safezone and addzonemob command does not work at all if the mod doesn’t improve in regards to functionality and being less confusing then will seriously be looking at moving to nations once that is ready for API 5.