[Discontinued] [RPG] RAWR - Customize your own mobs and create boss monster

:ring: Features:

RAWR gives you control over / access to:

  • Mob Skills - Giving mobs custom skills
  • Mob Attributes - Modifying mob attributes
  • Special Effects - Giving mobs special effects
  • Equipment - Setting equipment for your mobs
  • Mob spawn control - Random spawns or at specific locations
  • Fully connected to the Plugin “Looty” for Drop Management | Plugin: Looty

to be continued …

:page_facing_up: Description

With RAWR you are able to create your own Champion- / Boss Mobs. Give them a height, some equip, more health and special abilities to make them pain for your players. Let them spawn as boss on a spot or spawn them random on your world at night / day. Manage their drops with my Plugin “Looty”. It’s an easy and essential plugin for the most RPG Servers.

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Every support is highly appreciated and gives me motivation and some freetime to
work on my plugins.

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Version 0.0.5:

Mobs can be spawned by type /mob spawn
Mobs can be listed by type /mob list
Mobs can be customized via configuration (hardly limited by Sponge for now)


One of my favorite bukkit custom boss plugins was EpicBoss (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/epicboss/) will this have any features that were in that?


Yes - You will be able to build boss mobs like this.
Drops will be managed in a connected plugin called Looty


Lovely! Keep up the work, can’t wait to make my dungeon crawls with rabid bunnies!

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how do i download?

It’s not in alpha state yet :slight_smile:

Nice plug :smiley:

It can support custom entity added by user mod?

Once it’s done - Yes.
I’m currently waiting for some implementations.



is there any chance getting setScale in the near future to scale mobs?


@blood @gabizou

There is one: Transform.setScale. The issue is that most mobs don’t support setting the scale server side only (that’s why forge mods exist).

I’m waiting on this.
On my older bukkit servers, I used EpicBoss Recoded.

There isn’t something like that on Sponge… yet! I’m hoping the plugin developer delivers! :smiley:

@gabizou @blood

Please delete this topic - I will not finish this plugin.
There is no time for me.