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Hi there!

I’ve started working on a statistics plugin called Statistician, and been under a very slow development lately. I need suggestions, ideas and some motivation to keep making it.

Currently I keep some server statistics as server startup/shutdown times, uptime statistics, total playtime. And for players I have their login/logout times, playtime and total travel distance.

As I said, I need some suggestions and ideas for some cool things to make statistics of. Because I cannot come up with any good ones.

The statistics will be presented with a web panel. This one I’ve pretty much not started with yet.

I will be updating this thread as the time goes on.



I have made a first draft on the front page for the Webpanel, would love some feedback on it! Webpanel will be compatible for mobile, tablet and desktop screens. IMGUR LINK


Help for creating the planned php rest api with caching capabilites would be great.


Thanks @Keuterio for offering help on the php stuff! Now this project may hopefully speed up! :smiley:


Great idea, I would suggest damage dealed and taken as well as some fight statistics.


Could you describe your idea there with fighting?

Well, I just need damage stats but that could be monsters killed, fish caught…

To be honest, I used stats and I missed damage information.

But I had block break/place disabled because of a daily script working with Prism.

I haven’t thought of that myself yet! Amount of kills of monsters and animals. And also players maybe. Hmm

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Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

This is my first draft of the front page for the Webpanel. Would love some feedback! :slight_smile:

Not yet watched. Where are the links to the project? I would like: Statistics of banned words (regexp) + execution of arbitrary commands.

Not available yet. Still in very early development. There is a first draft of the web panel in OP now.

So basically you would want an count for how many times a user have been writing banned words? Also, amount of commands executed?

Sorry for my bad English. How many player writes forbidden words. If exceeds a nominal limit, then execute the specified command. It’s a bit beyond the boundaries of the purpose of the plugin. But it would be useful. # words > 10 => /ban player. Something like this.

Yea, what you want there is a bit outside the purpose of the plugin. This plugin will not execute anything based of what it stores. The sole purpose of this plugin is to store statistics and only display them in a Webpanel (or somewhere else).

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I know this is a bit out of “Vanilla Stats”, but a large amount of Sponge Forge servers are running pixelmon, so it be cool to see some of those stats. Some stats would include “Pokemon Caught”, “Battles Taken Place”, “Pokemon Killed”, “Shiny Pokemon Caught”, and “Legendaries Caught”.

@IBG_Nova I will look into it and see if it has an API for that. But I will prioritise vanilla statistics over mods/plugins initially. When I’m sort of finished with vanilla stats, I will look into other statistics upon demand. :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in this! This is a great idea for server owners to get real time data on their communities!

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Yea, I know. Not just for server owners though, also players like statistics. :slight_smile: I certainly did when I played Minecraft actively. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would it be possible to get “Unique Player Logins”? So owners can see how many players logged into their server daily?

Edit: Not sure if this is already on their, but displayed as “Total Players”?

@IBG_Nova I doesn’t really understand what you mean. But I think you want to know the total amount of unique players? That is what I’ve decided to have on the frontpage initially, total unique players ever connected.

I should probably add the word unique to that to make it more clear.

Edit: But yes, it is possible. Maybe in the detailed server page, I should add unique players last 24h, 7d, 30d?

“Edit: But yes, it is possible. Maybe in the detailed server page, I should add unique players last 24h, 7d, 30d?”

Yeah, sorry if I didn’t explain it well, but that is what I was talking about. It would be really cool to see daily stats. :stuck_out_tongue:

is pretty excited about this
There are many, many things you could do - off the top of my head, number of chat messages and commands sent, as well as playtime and afktime (since a lot of servers have a growing number of AFK pod people). Could definitely log plenty of commands, though that might be a bit further down the line, should you agree with my view. Would also love to have mobs killed, crafted items, nether portals crossed, (list goes on and on).

Optimally, if these stats can be refined per time and username, as well as per world, would be swell.

Great! That gets me excited too to keep on working on this! :slight_smile:

Yea, AFK time… I think that will be a little more complicated to implement, as of right now. But I think further down the line when I have more statistics on the player that will be easier to do. Also I’m not really sure what you mean with AFK pod there.

As in X command has been executed Y times?

All player statistics will be connected to a user, so those can be viewed per player. But I didn’t think about per world, this is something that needs to be implemented very early so all stats can be separated per world.
I doesn’t really understand what you mean with per time, could you please explain? :slight_smile:

  1. By AFK time I do mean a statistic on how much time players spend on AFK, as there are a lot of servers that encounter players that are just camping and not truly playing - would help to give an idea of the ‘activity’ level of players, etc.
  2. Yes, I do mean how many times a command is executed.
  3. By time, I do mean so that server managers can check when are the peak times for a server - see because all these stats will vary on the time of the day (defaulting on the server’s timezone), as well as the day of the week. You’d see an increase of players from Thursday to Sunday, and a sudden drop right after. Personally, my server operates on the GMT and EST/CT timezones, so I expect that around 2PM (EST), I’ll see an increase. If your plugin could help monitor variations in player activity depending on the time of the day and of the week, it would certainly help a lot.