Discourse Love

I’m not going to lie. It has issues. But it’s slowly growing on me, and I think it kind of… makes me think SpongePowered, now. I can’t think of anything we need that it may be lacking, and holy shit the quote/reply system (while it has that slight bug) is amazing.


Discourse is love
Discourse is life


I :heart: discourse.


It needs work, the big thing I want is some more mod tools like warnings.

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I not that fond of it but I can get used to it…

What I like is they aren’t showing off, I haven’t found the word Discourse anywhere other than in posts.

I like it’s really easy to use design :smiley: and the fact that that some things are semi-realtime :hearts:

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Now that the design has been updated I am liking this much more

I :heart_eyes: Discource. :octocat:

Discourse is awesome… and also with it’s new update I also am liking it more

What is added in this new update? (not noticing anything, only the front (forum) page is different)


If you were around thedailywtf when it was introduced there you would probably sing another tune :smile:

Many of the more ridiculous bugs and unfriendly behaviours seem to have been fixed.

Others remain (try selecting part of the text which links somewhere…)

I don’t see a problem with that? What do you mean? On IE11 here.

Wow, it looks like they finally fixed that!

For months, any time you lifted the left button on a link (trying to copy some or all of a link’s text) it would immediately take you to that link :frowning:

10/10 would discourse again.


I like XenForo for its organization and Discourse for its ease of use.

Maybe Xencourse or DisForo?

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I actually really love Discourse. It is sleek, modern, and I think it is better geared for a newer and fresher project than Xenforo is.


I fixed that a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

Thanks for the love all, we appreciate it