Discrepancy between documentation and files


Second edit:
Nevermind…at the bottom of the global.conf documentation - This config was generated using SpongeForge build 2022 (with Forge 2202), SpongeAPI version 5.1:

I would assume this is low(ish) priority to fix, as it doesn’t break anything.

This option on the performance tweaks page does not appear in the global.conf
The same issue with chunk-map-caching and inline-block-position-checks

I also checked all other config files in the /config/sponge/worlds` sub-folders (and the server.properties for good measure) file for ‘optimization’ with no results.

Unrelated, I also noticed that updating sponge reset my config file. I wondered why I was unable to connect to my bungeecord network after updating.
I ended up removeing all mods and configs and started over one at a time. The bungee entries on the sponge/global.conf were set back to ‘false’, and the MySQL information is gone. Not that difficult to reset, just mildly annoying. I know what to check next time I update.


world.keep-spawn-loaded and world.load-on-startup are also default “null”


Thanks for the details, we are due to update things to API 6.X very shortly anyway, so the global.conf stuff should get dealt with soon. However, may I humbly suggest that in future you report issues on the Spongedocs repo so it’s easier for us to track them :wink:

I’m not sure why it reset your config file, it’s supposed to have persistent entries. That could be a bug.