Discussion Guidelines Gone

When flagging a post, one of the options is this:

However, upon clicking the “community guidelines” link, one is sent to FAQ - Sponge Forums, which is the FAQ page of the forums. That page contains only a link to https://docs.spongepowered.org/en/latest/faq/, which includes no information about the forum guidelines.

The way I see it, this can be changed in four ways:

  1. Change the link on the flag popup to the current location of the guidelines (also, make a guideline topic if one doesn't already exist)
  2. Add the guidelines back to the on-forums FAQ page. (slightly impractical due to it being called the FAQ)
  3. Add the guidelines to the Docs FAQ page (even more impractical)
  4. Remove the anchor from the flag popup and let the guidelines be implicit (impractical, may foster abuse)

Discussion is welcomed below :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think way #2 is best.


Note: TBot’s comment is in reference to an early version of this topic where I hadn’t yet had time to add any of the ways :stuck_out_tongue:

*bows down to TBot and his powers of foresight*


I’ll stay with option 2 tho. Keep the guidlines in the forum :stuck_out_tongue: Afterall, they are the Forumguidelines.

This is the forum we’re dealing with, so I guess it would make sense if the respective FAQ were the forum’s FAQ instead of Sponge’s FAQ; in other words, option 2. Did that make any sense?

Made sense.<bnm,.->

I’d like to add that option 1 would also mean that the information could be found on the forums, but in a topic instead of the FAQ page. In my opinion this would be the better choice since what we’re looking for is a guideline page, not another FAQ.


Option #1 would be the best IMO.

I’m in favor of Option #1

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There is this: Sponge Rules and Guidelines

It’s all down to Wheaton’s Law, apparently.

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