Discussion on Ore

Well since this subforum seems to be new, I thought it might be nice to generate discussion on the plugin repository so far. :slight_smile:

So what is everyone’s opinion on the design at the moment? I personally think it should be a bit more spongey.

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We have plans to unify all the websites designs :wink:

Ah yes of course. Patiently waits for update to ore.

I like the direction it’s going :smiley: Looks very promising.

@BitByte unify Ore as well as the forums with the combo theme? :smiley:

I like it, very much. and I hope there is a suggest function. “You might also consider these plugins” sort of thing, to avoid the youtube viral snowball. when one plugin gets famous, and does only 3 things well, and then a new one comes out that is simpler to use, and does 15 things even better than the first, but nobody uses it because the first is famous and overshadows. I’d love to see some new Dev love.

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Design is obviously not a concern right now. It’s currently just slightly-styled bootstrap.

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Me likes.
I love the Sponge logo in the top left corner of Ore :smile:
Maybe it could be used here, too?

Oh, that logo is just something quick I whipped up as a concept. Internally we’re going through and trying to pick logos we like from the contest as well as some from designers. If you look real hard, the logo is pretty similar to one from the design contest that I like especially :wink: .

I liked that one too, if you meant this one:

or this:

Both look very clean and nice :smile:
Especially the former is my favourite, but that doesn’t belong here.

Keep us updated on Ore… I have a feeling it will become a great, nice and clean platform.


I personally prefer the first one you quoted, that one feels much cleaner

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Unification of site designs? I like. :smiley:


They were discussing not only unified designs, but a unified menu bar at the top of all pages too.
Currently the priority is the implementation but i hope the web guys will do their job fast :wink:

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I wish I could do my job fast :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw that this subforum existed :smirk:.

Yes we’re talking about the website, the forums, the docs and Ore.

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Considering that post is 22 days old, of course things change. :wink:

Gratimax did great work on the docs… I’m curious what you come up with for the Forums and the mainpage :wink:

Any progress?

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You should probably ask @Kornagen, the one doing it.

You mean @Kornagan?

Yeah…I was on my phone.