Display warning on old threads?

The amount of necro-posts on threads older then 30 days has risen a lot.

So I’d suggest showing a warning to users before they post on a thread that has been dead for 20 days or more.


Good idea! I checked, it’s enabled by default, but only warns after 180 days. The period is easily changeable under Admin → Settings → Posting → “warn reviving old topic age” :slight_smile:


Definitely! It’s too easy to see an interesting thread, and reply without checking the date of the last post (I’m guilty of this).

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Also it doesn’t help that the suggested topics part at the end of a thread displays posts that are older than an month most of the time(for me anyways.).

Like this.

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@cartman2000 They’re all oct/nov-14. IT’S A SIGN.




Just to be Devil’s Advocate for a moment, I think I may hold some kind of record for necroposting (on another forum), 2.5 years after the last post. It was actually quite well received.
I’ve also permanently left another forum in the past because of their undocumented practice of temp-banning anyone who necroposts (which was entirely down to arbitrary moderation).

Necroposting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and smacking folks down for it is something I’m uncomfortable with. If it’s polite, on-topic, and isn’t just repetition, then I can’t see any harm in old topics being revived. It’s preferential to making new ones to rehash old material.

That said, I think that 180 days is probably a bit long for topics to stay active after the last post. 60 days might be a better fit.


I’d still think 20 days to better (If there hasn’t been any posts on a thread in 20 days, I’d consider it dead…). Also, you can still dismiss the warning if you feel that i adds something important / interesting :stuck_out_tongue: