Do you like Custom Mod Packs?

Hi guys, well, since I restarted my server as a modded server I been using Custom Mod Packs, but, only very few people liked it or made it to come online to play, so I been all alone (with my friend the past days) in there, cause people seem to hate/dislike Custom packs.

So the question is: Do you like Custom Mod Packs? (This is a question without any other intention but to know what you guys think about them)

I do like custom mod packs, they are cool and a lot new enhancements and features to minecraft. The thing is, they just take to much time to learn everything and there isn’t really many people who activly play them opposed to Bukkit or Spigot.

Once you know what does what and what goes where it is very fun to play. It would ne nice if Microsoft can add a bunch new blocks instead of making a glasses that let you play it in real life… (Hololens)

I very much so love custom modpacks. As a matter of fact, I run a private server with ~8 others on a custom modpack.

That’s awesome, my server haven’t had more than 5 players at the same time since I modded it, but I changed it cause all the old players got bored of Creative server and didn’t come often either.

I love modded servers, I do wish there were more out there.

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the problem with modded servers is people don’t like downloading and installing lots of mods (or just 2 -_-) so that stops numbers and therefore servers existing but i love small little fun modpacks (though i hate the term cos it holds a negative connotation to me)

I had to make mine small cause of RAM space, but its super cutie and a bit girly.

I don’t play any mod packs because any time I try to my PC attempts suicide… :trollface:

In case anyone is interested the Technic Platform has a nice section for modded servers. Since they use the Technic Launcher it is as easy of pasting a link and then hitting install :wink:

So yeah I do quite like Custom Packs :3

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Yeah my Mod pack is in Technic Launcher as well.

I do love modpacks, but compiling a balanced one really takes a lot of effort. However I have yet to play on a modded server not hosted by myself.

I don’t like modpacks because every modpack means i get performance losses while playing…
I’m on a pretty old 1st Gen Core machine :confused:

2nd reason is that i don’t want to install a ton of modpacks before joining a server (and probably removing them if i don’t like the server). I prefer plain vanilla :blush:

I mostly like custom modpacks, but it also heavily depends on what they consist of, and, if they aren’t my own, how hard it’ll be to get my hands on them. Having to downöpad the right version of everysingle mod on a list is definitely not the best way to go.

Which is why modpack platforms like technic, FTB, & ATlancher, are so great, (excluding the poorly made/maintained packs on technic(not all of them are like that BTW :wink:)) For example The 1.7.10 pack is amzing(The author does a good job on making all them mods relly work together)

I like mod-packs but when making a server it is difficult to get players to “go the extra mile” in downloading the pack.

Hee hee, guys, remember I asked about Custom Mod Packs, not if you like Modded Minecraft.

Well, custom mod packs are modded minecraft so… :wink:


i love modpacks

Advertise…Post your server on every server list site you can find, create a thread on minecraftforum create a page on enjin. If your up to it create a YouTube channel…Lets Play’s are hugely popular. When I first created a public server, it took some time but players started coming and going. I ran a pretty small server, 30 player max. usually had 20 to 30 during peak hours and 5 during slow hours. You’ll have fluctuation. Some days you’ll think everyone has forgotten about you while others players will complain there isn’t enough player slots. The main goal is getting your server out there where people can find it. Being that its a self created modpack you won’t get an enormous crowd, but if it’s a balanced selection of mods and RELATIVELY (key word) stable you’ll eventually gain regulars, and regulars talk. You might even get a few players with decent YouTube channels. Also listen to your audience, if players do or don’t like something consider your options. Create polls and suggestion pages where players voices can be heard. The Ultimate goal is have fun and make your players happy. There is a lot of variables involved in the progress of popularity here and it can take some time especially if you’re doing it without help, but it gets easier. That’s my two cents anyways.

Aww I had my server for almost a year so far and advertised on every server list possible, but still only few nice players came.