Docs Progress Report

Welcome, one and all, to the

February Status Update for SpongeDocs.

I have a few announcements that may enthrall or bore you:

SpongeDocs Team Update

  • Kodfod has returned to the Forums, and is back in the Docs team.
  • Tyrannokapi is now a member of the Docs team too, thanks to exemplary work.
  • Pandette is on hiatus from the team, spending some time in Real Life ™.
  • Hawtre has returned from hiatus and is active on the team again.
  • A full list of Docs staff is pending, when we work out who they all are :wink:

Documentation Progress

  • The master English documents on Transifex are now current, and update whenever the Git files are updated. Apologies to the translation teams for the sudden influx.
  • A Travis instance now checks the formatting and rejects bad PRs. Many thanks and congrats to Gratimax for making these things happen.
  • There may be problems with hosting our Translations on Read-the-Docs. This is currently being investigated, and alternatives examined.

We have achieved 50% of the Plugins pages milestone, and Users pages are almost done too (except changelog and downloads, obviously) :wink:

Thanks everyone for helping us get this far so quickly.

Regards; Inscrutable, Editor-Overlord-Bard


Thanks for the update and for the hard work you’re doing :smile:


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