Doen anyone here know how to fix gts

so my server is using the gts side mod form pixelmon but for some reason the pokemons dont get taken away and they dont get listed anyone know how to fix this?

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its because the base generations is using is old and had bugs with gts. unless nick allows it, gts won’t be updated or redistributed. sorry.

gts is already being redistributed though. There is a version that does work with pixelmon generations. Its the downgraded version by 1 version title. (removes the auction system in gts) and its being circumvented around the generations discord owners due to me still having every version nick has made for me. So if the op needs it; I will gladly send it to him via discord. gts isn’t something that should only be given to the main servers to utilize while telling others it no longer works correctly.


I believe @NickImpact would have a different opinion on the unauthorized use of his code.


As Simon states, I would have personally loved for GTS to not be affiliated with Generations. However, we are past that point it seems. Based on how the pixelmon server owner community has been regarding content creators, GTS will receive no further releases from me.

That doesn’t stop someone from decompiling and fixing things themselves, in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard someone is already doing so. Regardless, to me, GTS is dead. To add, GTS was never given to main servers, not sure where you got that point.


sorry if I made you mad or something I just wanted to get gts on my server didnt know it was dead or something…

if you have a version that works my discord is Foxionos#3459