Does anybody can give me the permission list of griefprevention plz

Does anybody can give me the permission list of griefprevention?
please help :grinning:
I have added the fallow permission:
But it doesn’t work…:sob:
It display “You have no permission” when player execute the command “/claim”.

SpongeApI version: spongeforge-1.12.2-2655-7.1.0-BETA-3105
Forge version: 2655
griefprevention version: 1.12.2-


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Does anybody here?

Well for one… It looks like you are using Bukkit resources… Stop.

This is sponge, many plugins that have been recreated for sponge are re-written from the ground up, so for most, all documentation has changed.

Second, if your having issues with permissions things, please also show your permission config via a service like GitHub’s Gist. This allows us to also verify you have no issues with the structure itself.

Also, this community is a little bit smaller than Bukkit, your question will get answered, but it might take more than an hour or two.


Thank you very much.
It doesn’t matter how long time it took.
So long as I got help :stuck_out_tongue:
You had helped me so many times :grinning:
You are a kind person :grin: