Does such a plugin exist? yes or no

Looking for plugin that allows certain ranks to be able to use certain mods. For example ProjectE is kind of OP in Tekkit Legends.

If you were to turn that into a server that has a rank system with in it. Lets say one of the ranks is “Supporter”. when the Support rank is purchased it unlocks the mod for ProjectE for that user?

So here in a brief description

  • Tekkit Server
  • Rank Plugin
  • Plugin (A) that disables Mods
  • Supporter Rank > Benefit unlocking ProjectE
  • Users Donates becoming Supporter Rank
  • Plugin (A) than enables ProjectE for that user

Even is such a plugin did exist I’m 99% sure that getting people to pay to unlock anything but aesthetic items is against Minecraft’s End User License Agreement.

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But correct me if I am wrong but is that not what buycraft does?

This is pulled from a server that is selling a “Rank” and you get aesthetic items and benefits in game. This is just an example.

  • This Rank is for Minecraft Pocket Edition ONLY
  • Make sure you register your account name first and spell correctly on purchase!
  • One-time Purchase for the life of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Account

Rank Benefits:

  • Lord prefix in chat
  • Monthly bonus of 3 Royal Crates
  • Lords gain an additional 100% Treasure Shard Bonus at the end of a game
  • Exclusive Warrior Pet
  • Exclusive Golden Cascade Particles
  • Exclusive Lordly Leap Double Jump
  • Exclusive Gilded Arrows Arrow Trail
  • Exclusive Royal Boots, Leggings, and Cloak Costume
  • Increased max party size to 12 More people, more fun!

There is also Pixelmon servers that sell Pokemon to there supporters. You wouldnt need ProjectE in Tekkit Legends to get to end game Im just using this as an example, as projectE is not a mandatory mod and more of a luxury

Buycraft doesn’t ‘do’ anything. Buycraft runs commands. It’s the server owner that decides what the commands are. And regardless of whether it’s a ‘luxury’ or not, selling literally anything that affects gameplay (no matter how much) does violate the EULA. As a matter of fact they explicitly say in their ‘paid whitelist’ section:

[quote=“Mojang EULA”]
you give everyone you charge, access to all the Mods that you choose to have on your server (except only in respect of genuine admin tools / admin Mods which should be reserved to administrators);[/quote]

From a purely technical standpoint, yes, a plugin such as this is possible. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a developer willing to make it. Most plugins offer a sandbox, and the server owner is the one that chooses to break the EULA with their specific configuration; however, in this case, violating the EULA is a result of the plugin’s primary purpose.

Meanwhile, the example you have produced from Mineplex still refers solely to cosmetic perks. Prefixes, particle effects, (non-combative) pets, arrow trails, and costumes are cosmetic. The crates only hold cosmetic items, and Shards can only be used to purchase cosmetics. And party size is meta-game; it doesn’t affect gameplay itself. Mineplex has been through an extensive process to successfully follow the EULA.


thank you for the clarification on this. So outside of this how does sites that clearly break this like the pixelmon servers, stay up in regards to the fact they are clearly selling in game items that alter gameplay in such away that increases the chance of winning

Also, does Tekkit even exist for a supported Sponge version? I thought the most recent one was 1.7.10.

And in response to your question, nobody’s reported them yet.

it was more of an example off the top of my head that i could use that wasnt to detailed. in the sense that everyone knows tekkit legends and projectE and so on…

I suppose as long as the plugin could be possible and not a complete pipe dream, ill continue searching and working around the eula to where its not being broken. Even if that means once rank is achieved it unlocks it for the whole server its self.

I havent recently dove to far into the eula of recent as this would be my first attempt to even integrate something along these lines. Here is a link to a q and a about the Eula.

ok now my next question, does a plugin exist that unlocks a mod for the whole server once rank is purchased… I am assuming no but doesnt hurt to ask

I mean, you could always avoid the whole EULA thing with a crate plugin like a lot of other people do.

Yes. Game-changing effects are A-OK if everyone gets the same effect at the same time.

@Kylo linked a Q&A about the interpretation, but the full document can be found here. The relevant section is titled Servers and Hosting. A list of examples can also be found here.

Side note: I really love how Mojang is able to use concrete and single-interpretation language in their official documents without devolving into legalese.

ideally because its not going to be a server of 10k users and i want to limit as much as i can with the projectE mod but still keep the style of modpack there i honestly would love to have a plugin that limits this based on rank

The problem is, even if you were able to there would still be side effects of the mod you couldn’t control. The closest you are going to get is prevent crafting and interacting with blocks and entitites from the mod. You would still need to worry about any non vanilla like interactions.

You can have it attached to a rank with the EULA, as long as it’s earned rather then purchased.

It’s possible but it wont ever be clean. It’s possible we already have a plugin on the forums, what you need is something that binds interaction to permissions. Grief prevention is one option but the setup may be non trivial.

Mineplex allows paying members to play games after they are no longer allowed to be played with by the public.

Since that would seem to abide by the EULA, you could just give all players a trial the moment they join of all of the mods you will be selling, then sell them after a certain reasonable period of time.

That actually wouldn’t fly - Mineplex gets to do that because it’s charging access to self-isolated gamemodes, which the rules are a bit more lenient around. In this hypothetical Tekkit server, it’s a clear advantage over people who are in the same gamemode. It’s a little bit of personal leniency towards Mineplex, since free trials aren’t discussed in the EULA. But, again, this directly gives paying players an advantage since they’re able to use an “OP” method, as @Glitch puts it, in a gamemode that is shared with non-paying players. And the prevention of that exact thing was the EULA refactor’s primary purpose/focus, not charging for more gamemodes.

Easy way to avoid Mojang EULA:

  1. Uninstall Minecraft.
  2. Rewrite Minecraft server in its entirety.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

I don’t know what “concrete and single-interpretation language” you are talking about, especially given Mojang had to have a Q&A about their own EULA over what it specified. If anything, I think it delegitimizes it, because it’s not as intimidating as legalese.

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I don’t want to critize the EULA too much in case that violates some rule, causes a flame war, or something, but it sure makes it hell of a lot harder to make a practical profit off of Minecraft servers.

Make multiple world’s, and a specific world is where you can use the mods. I dunno. You’re probably out of luck :confused:

I mean that it has the effect of legalese (i.e. you can’t interpret any way other than it was originally intended) without actually being legalese. It’s simultaneously legally solid and legible by the common man.

Also, welcome back.

grieving was going to be allowed on the server, including increased difficulty and increase EMC values, with grieving allowed we were also going to implement security mod to further protect yourself… But we wanted to build a server that was as much like the idea of survival as possible. Survival including survive against others. This being said although yes you could in fact grief and steal somethings such as items from the projectE mod that someone else has acquired. We don’t want just anyone being able to use the mod.

Our next option would be to increase the recipes. and just have a donation option to the server. This will allow even playing fields but also prevent just anyone rushing to the mod its self and becoming OP

At this point we might not even include the mod if its not even possible. We just wanted to keep the platform as much as possible.

That seems like the best option. And remember, you can still totally offer donators hats and things. Anything that doesn’t directly affect gameplay (or affects everyone’s gameplay the same way) is completely allowed.

If I may ask, though, what’s so OP about Project E?