"Dominion (MMORTS/RPG)" |Seeking coders, builders, and contributors|

Hello peoples, I’m BaronVonDope or Dope for short.

I’m generally quiet Sponge’s forums but have been a pretty large enthusiast of the Sponge Project from the start. Myself and a couple of others been working on creating a custom plugin called Dominion.

We need people to fil the following positions:

  • 3 Builders
  • 3 Coders (One Spot Remaining.)
  • 1 Resource Pack Artist/Customizer
  • 2 Web Developers
  • 2-3 Game Designers

What makes Dominion different than other Minecraft Servers?

  1. Custom Weapons, Armor and Items.
  2. Pre-made structures that work similiar to the one’s you would see on MMORTS games.
  3. Seige Warfare. (Cannons, Catapults, Etc)
  4. Controllable Legions. (NPC Army, might be one of the hardest things to manage)
  5. Custom Mobs.
  6. Questing.
  7. Victory Conditions. (The Primary Goal of Playing)
  8. Unique in-game trade
  9. Player based Economy
  10. Found your own Religion
  11. Other badass content that I will probally imagine later on…

-What will you contribute to the team?
-Why do you want to join
-Past experience with projects?
-Preferred Role?
-Any special skills in said role?
-Tell me a little about yourself
-Preferred way of communication? (Skype, TS, etc.)
-Skype Name
-Questions for me?
(Message me or @Kenyan your application and reply to this topic that you have messaged me.)

Helpful Links/Screenshots/Etc
Concept Build
Concept Build 2
Concept Build 3
Concept Build 4

Note: If you have any questions or concerns or even just want to give me some feedback feel free to!

Thanks for reading! :smile: :mount_fuji:


Modded or Vanilla?

It is Vanilla yes

Sorry mate. Already working for another RPG MMO

The idea of RTS seems interesting. Good luck!

You could do so much more with mods :<
Best of luck

Yeah, I would be able to do much more with mods, but the modding community has a smaller player base than vanilla but thanks for your feedback. :grinning:

Have sent a PM regarding joining.

A small thing to say about not doing a modded RPG, ALL THEM NEWBS.

Already working with Cryogen. :slight_smile: Sorry.

That’s fine, Cryogen seems like they have a fine plugin at work. Good Luck to you, :v:

Le Bump. :arrow_up:

<Sorry, I’m in Cryogen already. Good luck this time.>Hope you make some progress soon, some projects die really quick without the smallest viable product.

Two Coder positions remaining for anyone who is interested!

Current State of Dominion:

  • One Coder Postion Remaining, still need individuals to fill the other following postions aswell.
  • Organizing Google Docs for designing, Establishing Test Servers, Etc.
  • Heavy Development beginning in approx… 2-3 weeks

Keep Updated! :smile:

I’d love to help out with documentation, maybe some building while I’m not busy.

By documentation do you mean assisting me in organizing the google docs?

or make a wiki<nope

Resubmit a web-developer application.

Current State of Dominion:

  • One Coder and Web Developer Position Remaining, other positions still need filling aswell.
  • Heavy Development has begun, working on the API and Core plugin atm.
  • Buttloads of content has been documented, still a lot more to come
  • Creating 3D models, concept art, etc.

Keep Updated! :smile: :mount_fuji:

Just about to message you. Dibs on web dev!

Hello, are you still available as a web developer and if so would you be able to contact me; I might have a proposition.