Donation/Store Plugin for Sponge 4.2?

Is there any donation or store plugin for sponge API 4.2?

All the ones that i saw were for the API 5 but since my server is running the game version 1.8.9 I can’t use that API.

I believe has a sponge plugin- not sure what version it’s for though.

You should probably consider updating; API 5 is the current stable release.

From what I read in the plugins section, the “shop” command doesn’t work so I don’t know if it’s actually function with the API 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem was that the server hosting that I’ve doesn’t have a good forge release for 1.10.2, all the ones they have cause problems with Pixelmon 5.0.0-beta 10.

But since the Pixelmon team update to beta 11 the error it was causing is gone, so i might just update everything to 1.10.2 and use API :smiley: