Don't have spongeforge, getting related crashes anyway

I’m trying to play on forge, and I don’t have spongeforge or mixin, but I’m getting related crashes when I load a world. When I try to install spongeforge, I can’t even start the game, I just get exit code 1. I don’t have any incompatible mods either. Here’s my mod list:
Medieval siege machines, Additional guns, antique atlas, to the bat poles, better foliage, biomes o plenty, crayfish’s furniture, vehicle and gun mods, cloth config, tinkers construct, armory addons, corpse mod, cosmetic armor rework, culinary construct, cuneiform, dalekmod, differentiate, doggy talents, flamboyant, forge endertech, geckolib, goblin traders, I like wood, ilw biomes o plenty addon, inspirations, item zoom, just enough items, journey map, kotlin for forge, mantle, mining helmet, mmmmmmmmmm, mo guns, more crayfish furniture mod, mowzies mobs, natures compass, obfuscate, optifine, pet your wolf, placable items, project vibrant journeys, scuba gear, structure gel, terra icognita, tool belt, travelers backpack and walljump. I’ve updated them all but nothing seems to work.

It would be great if you showed us a log.

But from what you said, it’s likely that you do have mixins as mixins is a tool that a mod can use (not just SpongeForge) and sadly that mod is responsible for handling it’s use of mixins, not us

The good news is we can probably find the mod causing the issue where they may know the compatibility

Oh, I thought mixins was a separate mod. Thanks!

Your welcome. Sadly we cannot help you futher without a log

I deleted some of my mods and it started working, I’ll try to narrow down which one caused the crash.