Double Jumping Plugin

I used to own a Cauldron server for 1.7.10 and had a double jump plugin for my spawn, and players loved the gimmic. I don’t really want to give up having it for my Sponge server, so if someone could make a simple plugin that allows players to double click space and double jump, that would be awesome. If there was a config I’d like to see a particle option, a jump height option, and possibly an option to have it enabled in certain worlds.

Thanks, Fightface.

Just for my interest, probably won’t make this, but: Double “spacing” just gives you up pointed velocity?

I would assume yes.

I have the skeleton built out, it’s just… I don’t know the event for when a player “jumps”.

IIRC, the double-jump plugins on BukkitAPI gave the player the ability to fly, and watches for the flight event.

Your right… this is harder than it looks :frowning2:

So far, I know there are keys CAN_FLY, and IS_FLYING (and FLYING_SPEED).

Logic wise, probably going to have to set the player’s CAN_FLY to true, then hug the DisplaceEntityEvent.Move.TargetPlayer for seeing if they are flying (IS_FLYING), and then set the CAN_FLY to false, adjust their upwards velocity/displacement, and then when they hit the ground turn the CAN_FLY back on.

What fun!