DoubleJump Plugin

I admire you sir xD

But really, anyone who can find a way to make this work?

I’ve already made this before in Bukkit, it’s extremely easy. I’ll see if I can quickly whip it up in Sponge.

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Awesome, thanks!
Get back to me on how it’s working :smiley:

I finished it, I tested it and it works.

Things you can change in the config:

  • If a permission is required to use doublejump (If true, then perm is doublejump.use)
  • Vertical boost power
  • Horizontal boost power
  • Whether a sound will play when they boost

Download: Link

If for some reason there are any problems just let me know.

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This plugins great, actually incredibly well done, thank you so much -
My players have been requesting one small thing that I was wondering if possible: Can you change the vertical/horizontal ratio depending on where a player is looking when they double jump? For example, looking up would give me a lot of vertical and not much horizontal, and reverse for looking straight.

One more small issue -
If a player has /fly, they can’t seem to use it due to double jump. Any fixes?

Enable the option in the config that a permission is required to use it, and don’t give the players the permission.

Do you release that plugin in the plugins forum section?

No, I just made it for the person here. And if I were to release it I would use Ore, not the forums.

Hm, okay, that’s of course your decision. I only thought that you could share your work in a more public way.
I didn’t mentioned Ore because it’s beta and it could be reset at every moment.

Yeah, but like I said I didn’t share it because it was just a request from the OP.
I don’t know if this is something that everyone would use/need.

I would use it if its publically released and maintained

I tried this, but all that happens is that when they double click space bar to fly is that they jump forwards, and then stop flying or double jumping at all.

Bump on this, seems like a fun plugin to have

Does this need updated to API 5 or 6? There’s no information on it so I can’t tell.

The source code is not even available. You should go for a new plugin.

I’ll probably just decompile it and take a look at it, but if I took this I’d want to make sure it fits standard practices…then actually release it on the forums.

// start shill
I have an experimental module for this for my plugin MiscStuff, see here for code
It doesn’t quite work to how I’d like, because it triggers Minecraft’s (or Sponges) “You’re going too fast” protection and has a weird direction in which it launches you.
My plugin (PoreRT) with my bukkit plugin (Double Jump Minus) works perfectly with it however (at least on 1.11 with the latest version) due to it listening to custom Mixin events.
// end shill

I coded it and got it working, I just haven’t had time to compile it and make a forum post for it.

Got it working and posted for my plugin MiscStuff! :wink: