MiscStuff - Small modular tweaks for Minecraft!

This plugin is a aggregate of a bunch of small modular tweaks for minecraft that I found useful.
This is probably stable, but I still need to work on polishing everything (and adding more modules) before I actually fully release it.
If there’s something you would like to see added, please create a issue on github or make it yourself and send me a PR.

#Current Working Modules :

  • DisableAttackTime (disables 1.9’s cooldown when attacking)
  • DoubleJump
  • NoWeather
  • NoTarget (Causes mobs to think you’re a ghost)

GitHub (Source and Issues)
WIP Builds

One tip on the code:
Read this: https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/plugin/event/filters.html to remove some of your instanceOf checks and castings.

More tips on the code
  • Inject the ConfigurationLoader as well; Sponge provides some useful configuration settings including the ability to pull anything implementing CatalogType, anything implementing DataSerializable, and anything with a registered DataTranslator directly from the config. e.g. ItemTypes, Vector3is, etc.
  • MoveEntityEvent has a method getTargetEntity which returns the relevant entity. I believe they only exist in the Cause as the Notifier.
  • You can further specialize your FastDespawn listener to use DropItemEvent.
  • I’m not sure why it is you’re setting the despawn delay both via Keys and via DataManipulators. Pick one; they both work.
  • Just an FYI - Hocon’s naming convention is dashed-lowercase.
  • Rather than coding defaults into the plugin, it’s trivial to make a default config file, which can then be accessed from the Asset API.

DoubleJump now works!