Download button redirects to home

As the tile say, if any user clicks “Download” on my plugin page, this will be redirected on the plugin home page but no download will start. This is the plugin page

for me i get send to this page

Ore is experiencing difficulties.
Unexpected exception[NoSuchFileException: /home/ore/files/plugins/Francesco_Jimi/Universe Guard/UniverseGuard.jar]
If you suspect this is a bug, please take a minute to report it to the issue tracker.

It appears that the plugin files haven’t made it onto Ore’s file system.
This has also happened a few times before, see this issue:

@Francesco_Jimi was there anything you did recently that could be related? e.g changing PGP signature.

No, i did not changed the signature or any setting in my ore profile, for this reason i don’t understand why this happens :confused:

Ok, so i’ve changed my PGP key as suggested by the issue linked, but that didn’t solved the problem. It now says i must be authenticated to download, wich i am, but i’ve noticed other plugins have the same problem too: i click download and then i get redirected to plugin homepage :confused: