DropParty - A Drop Party plugin commissioned by the PokeFreaks network


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This plugin allows for servers to host DropParties. These DropParties each require a Setup, which contains at least one Chest Location, and at least one Drop Location. Upon starting the DropParty, items from the chest will be randomly selected based on the Tiers of items (The higher the Tier, the less frequent the drop), and spawn them in at one of the Drop Locations.

Players can also teleport to the DropParty setup, The player will be teleported to one of the Drop Locations, like they were an item.

For more information on setting up a party click Here


  • /DropParty create [name] {[x], [y], [z], {dim}} - This creates a new Setup with the name specified, and if desired, the location of a chest. If no chest exists, then no chest will be added.

  • /DropParty remove [name] - This deletes a Setup.

  • /DropParty chest add [name] - This will search around the player in a small area (3x3 and 4 tall, with the player in the center) for any chest, and add it to the Setup specified.

  • /DropParty chest [name] - This will list all chests linked to the Setup listed, the number to the left of the chest is the id, and can be used to remove that chest from the list.

  • /DropParty chest remove [name] [id] - This will remove the chest from the Setup, the ID is the number listed to the left when you list the chests for a Setup. -Warning- Each time you remove a chest, the remaining chests are shifted to fill the void, so IDs may change after removing a chest.

  • /DropParty drop add [name] - This will add the block at your feet to the Setup’s DropList. these locations are where the items will spawn in.

  • /DropParty drop [name] - This will list all of the Drops for the Setup. The ID is displayed to the left of each location.

  • /DropParty drop remove [name] [id] - This will remove the drop from the Setup, the ID is the number listed to the left when you list the drops for a Setup. -Warning- Each time you remove a drop, the remaining drops are shifted to fill the void, so IDs may change after removing a drop.

  • /DropParty rename [name] [newname] - This will rename the specified Setup with the new name.

  • ‘/DropParty tier [tier]’ - This will display all items added to the specified Teir in chat.

  • /DropParty tier add [tier] - This will add the item currently held in your main hand to the specified Tier.

  • /DropParty tier remove [tier] - This will remove the currently held item from the specified Tier.

  • `/DropParty clear’ - This will remove all items from the chests of a setup. This is mainly for cleaning up after loading a droplist and starting an admin party.

  • /DropParty droplist [name] - This will list all items in the specified DropList.

  • /DropParty droplist create [name] - This will create a new DropList with the specified name.

  • /DropParty droplist add [name] - This will add the item currently held in the main hand to the specified DropList.

  • /DropParty droplist remove [name] - This will remove the item currently held in the main hand from the specified DropList.

  • /DropParty droplist clear [name] - This will remove all items currently listed in the DropList.

  • /DropParty droplist addall [droplist] [setup] - This will add all items in the specified Setup to the DropList.

  • /DropParty start [name] {[delay] [persec] {admin}} - This will allow for the specified Setup to be started. The delay is in minutes, parsec is how many items per second will be dropped, the max is 20 a second, or 1 per tick. An admin DropParty can be started by adding “admin” to the end. This will drop items with out removing the items from the chest.

  • /DropParty stop - This stops the current drop party.

  • /DropParty cost [name] [cost] - This sets the cost for the specified Setup for players to use.

  • /DropParty tp [name] - This will teleport the user to the DropParty and spawn them at the drop points.


  • dropparty.command.help - Node for /DropParty help.

  • dropparty.command.create - Node for /DropParty create.

  • dropparty.command.remove - Node for /DropParty remove.

  • dropparty.command.chest.info - Node for /DropParty chest.

  • dropparty.command.chest.add - Node for /DropParty chest add

  • dropparty.command.chest.remove - Node for /DropParty chest remove

  • dropparty.command.drop.info - Node for /DropParty drop.

  • dropparty.command.drop.add - Node for /DropParty drop add.

  • dropparty.command.drop.remove - Node for /DropParty drop remove.

  • dropparty.command.rename - Node for /DropParty rename.

  • dropparty.command.tier.help - Node for /DropParty tier.

  • dropparty.command.tier.add - Node for /DropParty tier add.

  • dropparty.command.tier.remove - Node for /DropParty tier remove.

  • dropparty.command.clear - Node for /DropParty clear.

  • dropparty.command.droplist.info - Node for /DropParty droplist.

  • dropparty.command.droplist.create - Node for /DropParty droplist create

  • dropparty.command.droplist.add - Node for /DropParty droplist add.

  • dropparty.command.droplist.remove - Node for /DropParty droplist remove.

  • dropparty.command.droplist.clear - Node for /DropParty droplist clear.

  • dropparty.command.droplist.addall - Node for /DropParty droplist addall.

  • dropparty.command.start - Node for /DropParty start. Players with this permission can start drop parties for free

  • dropparty.command.op - Node for /DropParty start that allows the use of [Admin DropParties].

  • dropparty.command.stop - Node for /DropParty stop.

  • dropparty.command.cost - Node for /DropParty cost. To allow admins to set the cost of each [Setup].

  • dropparty.player.cost - Node for /DropParty cost. To display the cost for a [Setup] - Bugged

  • dropparty.player.tp - Node for /DropParty tp.

  • dropparty.player.start - Node for /DropParty start. Used for players to start DropParties that have a cost set.


Currently there are still a few issues that I am working on fixing, if more are found, they will be added to this list until they are fixed. This list will server two purposes, the first is to inform everyone about the current issues with the most recent build, and also it will be a check list of things that I need to get fixed.

  • At the present time, there is no way to load a droplist to a Setup.
  • The command for players to show the cost to start a specific Setup is not working.
  • There is a bug regarding having a DropParty started and running another one. The second party wont start, which is intended, but when trying to use /dp stop it tries to stop the second party which isn’t running, which throws a null error, this also makes the DropParty that is running unstoppable, it seems the only way to fix it currently is to remove the items from the chest. This is a major bug and will be fixed as soon as possible.


This plugin was originally commissioned by the PokeFreaks Network. They have allowed me to upload this for public use. As such, I wanted to thank them for the opportunity to make this plugin for them, and to allow me to reupload it.




Everything begins to work until I start the Drop party. Then it crashes my server do to ticks without dropping anything. Im typing “/dp start PixelDrop 1 20 admin”. “ServerHangWatchdog detected that a single server tick took 60.00 seconds (should be max 0.05).” Any ideas?


If you can send me the log and the configs I will take a look. I have not had this issue, so I will take a look as soon as possible.


why is it limited to only allowing 5 drop locations per party?


That was there while I was debugging things. I will remove it and make a new build. Thanks for letting me know!


A new version has been released for DropParty, it is available for download [here](https://ore.spongepowered.org/Elrol_Arrowsend/DropParty/versions/Beta v0.8).

A Drop Party plugin commissioned by the PokeFreaks network

  • Removed the 5 Drop Point limit on the DropParties


sounds good and appreciative. had a thought; rather then making drops spawn on those specific points; why not have a definable radius around those points for them to spawn? So they don’t always spawn in the same location preventing people from figuring out the exact locations they drop,


Well, I could add a range feature per drop but the idea of having multiple drops is to have them spread out over a area, and since the items are dispensed randomly between them then it’s not practical to camp just one. However when I have free time I may change this later. Atm I have my hands full with multiple commissions. But when I can I will add the option to have the range drop. More options = more customization = happiness


This hangs up after finishing the party and freezes players. Not sure if you are updating this anymore or not?


I will work on this tomorrow. Hands have been getting kinda full. If you can send me logs that would help. The Debug log will work.


Any debug option you can add into the plugin? My server just freezes and doesnt output what did it even though it is right after the dp ends. Surely I can’t be the only one with the issue though


Yes I am aware of the problem and I am working to fix it. I’m not sure where this issue came from it worked fine on my local machine. I will upload a new build when I have it fixed.


Thank you for the continued development.


any update on a fix? I know you’re a busy dev, i see you in the reforged server owners discord, just figured id check.


Im still trying to get settled. Got a new desktop. But i am still working on this. Even if i have to do a full rewrite of the drop party event.


I have been working on getting the plugin back in working order, and it is nearly done. Working on a few bugs and getting everything polished off, again. I will post the update within the week if not sooner. Sorry for the delay!


Guessing this couldnt be finished? :stuck_out_tongue: I know you’re a busy guy, just checking back in.


Ok. So here is an update on progress. Atm on my test server it works fine. It cant use two chests to drop things (it starts acting up) but it works. When i uploaded it to another server and tried, even deopping just one item, it lagged the server till it died.


What version of sponge are you testing it against?


Latest,Still working on flushing that bug out.