Dropping players from server because of chunks API 8.1


Mods: pixelmon, BiomesOPlenty, BooshelfForge, chiselandhabits, WAWLA, costumes, ironchests, placebo, selene. clumps, fastfurnace, fastworkbench, ferritecore, notenoughcrashes, spark, starlight, storagedrawers, treechop, worldedit

Plugins: ChatManager, CommandPack, GTS, Impactor, LocaleAPI, LuckPerms, RegionGuard, TablistBoard

I don’t have this issue on the server with mohist and the same amount of mods

We found that the same error message players get when they click on NPC
TCG trader (pixelmon mod). A video is here:


The chunk issue we fixed by changes in a lib server-1.16.5-20210115.111550-srg

The NPC issue is still here

UPD: chunk issue isn’t fixed

Both of the issues were fixed by making changes to minecraft.