Dynamic Map Plugin

I was wondering if it would be possible to port a plugin like dynmap to sponge. Until the latest sponge updates, I was able to use it with Forge 1.8 (1577) as a forge plugin.

Dynmap generates tiles of the all of your Minecraft worlds and starts a web server - going to the address in your browser gives you a google-maps like view of your Minecraft world. It’s very useful for planning and seeing where players are on your Minecraft world.

Is anyone interested in porting this over to sponge?

What issues are you having with the Forge Mod?

Dynmap probably hasn’t updated to 1.8.9 yet and that’s why it won’t run with latest SpongeForge builds.


In any case i would still like to see dynmap comming to spongevanilla since i myself am running not running the forge version

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there was a tweet on the 4th of jan from @dynmap saying he might start work in 2 weeks on sponge stuff when real life project stuff is done. so… yay!