Dynamic Scoreboard for Sponge!

Hi! I thought it might be fine if Sponja includes a new way to create and manage the Scoreboard. The new system will leave the numbers in red as “id”, but this is optional, if you want to use the “traditional” shape must also do so. How to add fake players the scoreboard would be this:

SpongeScoreboard scoreboard = SpongeScoreboardManager.getScoreboardManager();
Scoreboard board = scoreboard.getNewScoreboard();
Objective objective = scoreboard.registerNewObjective(“test”, “dummy”);
objective.setDisplayName(“Display Name”);
Score score = objective.getDynamicScore(“Fake player”, “Score in String or Integer”); or
Score score = objective.getScore(“Fake player”);
score.setId(42); //Integer only!

This will allow us to create more “beautiful” scoreboard making them look like this:

an easier and practical way. Also could continue creating scoreboard in the traditional way, you should only use getScore () instead of getDynamicScore ().

I hope you like this idea, do not really know where to put it so I put it here. Bye :3!


This should be moved to sponge discussion

Anyways, I don’t think, that this should be included in sponge. If you want something like that, simply create your own class. It’s not that much of work

Err yes, what is Sponja exactly?

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Its romanian for foam. lol

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I have no problems with that, I already have my own class that does just that with bukkit. I just want to make it easier for others :blush:

PR’s already exists:

Youtrack: http://issues.spongepowered.org/youtrack/issue/SPONGE-31

xD I feel a fool not to see on github, thanks! ñ-ñ

Now also on youtrack :wink:

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