Dynmap black parts with mod textures



i get some black textures with mod textures in dynmap and i have tried finding a solution for this for days now and whatever i try it will not work. do anyone here have any experiance in fixing this? i could pay someone who help me if neccecery. my dynmap is located here if you wanna take a look :slight_smile: feel free to pm me if you want to get hired and dont want to display your name here :wink:

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so there is a β€œplugin” to dynmap that the dynmap team have made and its called DynmapBlockScan this mod will scan textures from all the mods installed so dynmap can use them. just add it to the mods folder along with dynmap

the texture import will happen just when the world loads and will take a long time if u have a lot of mods, might have to disable or increase max-tick-time in server.properties or the watchdog will kill the server everytime it scans on startup.