🦅 Eagle Factions 🦅 (1.10.2-1.12.2) - A simple yet powerful war-plugin!

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Plugin is NOW available at Ore - Eagle Factions

Be wary that this forum post is not maintained anymore.

Welcome to :eagle: Eagle Factions :eagle:

Current version: 0.13.1


Eagle Faction is a factions/war plugin for SpongeForge. You can simply create factions and claim territories by using power. Yes! Power! Just like in the original factions plugin made for Bukkit (and Spigot).

Eagle Factions offers you some additional features which will allow you to adjust gamestyle on your Minecraft Server for your own preferences. Land protection while faction is offline, ability to attack someone’s claim, Eagle’s Feather are few of them.

Check our Wiki to get to know how everything works.

Feel free to send me your feedback! :grin:

If you find any issues while using Eagle Factions or you want to share your thoughts on what could be added, post them at Github

If you enjoy using Eagle Factions, give this repo a star!


  • Create factions
  • Invite others to faction
  • Form alliances with other factions
  • Declare wars
  • Power system
  • Claim territories/lands
  • Faction Map with ability to claim territories from it
  • Set faction’s home that will allow faction’s members to teleport to it
  • Toggleable friendly fire in faction and between alliances
  • Unclaim other factions lands if their power is low
  • Factions’ chests
  • Eagle’s Feather - Command only item that will allow you to bypass chest protection
  • Factions’ Tags
  • Faction Chat and Alliance Chat
  • PVP-Logger
  • Plugin Messages’ Translations
  • Database support
  • Dynmap support
  • Fully configurable


Eagle Factions provides support for translations. In other words, it is possible to change plugin messages to your own language.

You can see all available translations here.

If there is no translation for your language you can make your own and add it as a pull request.



Plugin creator: Aquerr

Logo by: joxuk


Many thanks for the inspiration to: Polis, MCClans & Massivecraft’s Factions!




Creation of this plugin is really a time consuming task. If you would like to support me then you can star this repo or send me some cookies through PayPal.


Good Plugin and Thanks my friend !
Please check out all commands. It looks like there’s a few issues…
Ex…/f list doesn’t work for me.
gives error occured while excecuting command:
Also 1 question, home much land does it claim for each faction?
Thanks again and keep up the good work…This will be awsome ! ! !

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@DjSpecialK Which version of the plugin have you tried?
Was it the latest version? [0.9.3] ? :thinking:

I don’t really understand what you mean in in your question about home & and land? :sweat_smile:

Did you mean how much land can a faction have? Or if a faction’s home does claim a land?

Please explain more so I can take care of this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for your feedback! :eagle::muscle:

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yes sorry typo
How much land does a faction receive when they do /f claim ?
Is it adjustable?
And yes I’m using [0.9.3] on latest Sponge Forge
A few commands get me errors like
/f list
f/ help
Thanks for quick response

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@DjSpecialK Plugin is compatibile with 1.11.2 at this moment and I haven’t tested it yet on 1.12. :confused:

So I think it can be the reason why you are getting an error while using it on 1.12. :thinking:

I am planning to make Eagle Factions for 1.10.2 and 1.12 in the future but first I want to add all features on 1.11.2. :smiley:

When it comes to your question about /f claim…
While using “/f claim” the chunk you are currently standing in is taken and saved as faction’s land. It is not adjustable.
Remember to use “/f map” to check which chunks have you claimed. :smiley:

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nice work dude keep it up :+1:


Would it be possible to put an id of block in the config for claim a land ? For don’t use a command.

Sorry for my english i’m french, and i’m dev student, and i need your plugin for my project. So I would like to help.

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@Tototi1 so, you want to claim a land by using an item/block which is provided in the config file? :thinking:

Did I understand it correctly?
If Yes, then explain more how should it work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Something like that was not in my plans but I think I might add it as a alternative way for claiming lands which can be enabled in config file. :thinking::grin:

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Yes that’s it. The player must place a block for claim the chunk, a little like Rust with the cabinet.
And in the config we could put a id of the block :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can add it as a alternative way of claiming lands which can be enabled in config file.

However I don’t really know how would it work…
You will need to place a “claiming block” in every chunk? Or only once and then use /f claim to claim lands that are connected to this chunk? :thinking:

Personally I think it’s better to use command all the time but I will think about it. :wink:

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Cool ! :grin:
It’s more real, if you create a rp server or a realistic server, you don’t use a command because it’s no real.
And And the advantage is that it adds a lot of possibility to the game with this claimblock.
And yes in every chunk ! :wink:
Is it possible to execute the command /f sethome when you put a bed in the faction ? (can be activated in configs)
And for invitation just give a paper with nbtag with different information of faction :roll_eyes:
And is it possible to claim a land that are not connected of faction ? If not possible, how to attack other factions or change the place of faction? :thinking:

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As I said, I will think about adding this feature. It’s not a 100% sire thing I will do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I want Eagle Factions to stay as simple as it is. Just write a command and here you go.

But I feel like it would be better to have this feature in other factions plugin that is specially focused in RP gameplay (don’t know if a plugin like this already exists). :wink:

When it comes to beds and /f sethome…
“/f sethome” is a command that leader should use to set a faction’s teleport place which players can use to teleport to.

Running this command by placing a bed is rather not a thing I would want to do.

It is not possible to claim a land that is not connected to your previously claimed land. If you want to change the position of your faction, you will need to unclaim all land and claim it again. It does not cost anything extra.

I am currently working on attacking other factions. It will be possible to unclaim their lands if you are a leader or an officer. I think it may be done in few days. (Sunday maybe) :eagle:

You are giving a lot of ideas and I like this but I think It would be better to make a different plugin for this. (RP style factions & Rust like functions) :smiley:

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Okay, I’ll manage with commands. :disappointed_relieved:
If it is not possible to claim a land if is not connected, it’s possible to claim in another world ?
The plugin faction of Massivecraft did not have this restriction. It’s possible to disable in config ? :slight_smile:
If faction one unclaim one chunk of faction two, faction two regains power of the claim ?
I would like to know more about your power management, it’s possible ? :smiley:
And thank you for your fast responses :grin:

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I will try to update the Wiki on the weekend (I have not so much time in other days cause I’m working & studying) :wink:

Right now it is not possible to claim lands in other worlds. You can claim a land only in one world. Why? When I was doing this I was thinking that if you are making a faction (a castle) then It should be only in one place. It would be a little too “overpowered” to have a land in two or more worlds at the same time. But I may change it in the future. We will see. :smile:

When it comes to unclaiming a land… you are not losing a power while claiming a land and vice versa, you are not losing power while unclaiming it. :relieved:
If faction one unclaim/destroy a land of faction two, then you will lose your claim only and you will still have the same amount of power to claim lands (but not during the attack). It is currently work in progress so it may be changed.

I will start working on the new update, functions and commands on the Saturday. :wink:

Ps. I saw that you wanted to create your own factions plugin on your Github? I can help you in the future if you want :v:

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This would be very useful !! For example claim one outpost in the nether ! :slight_smile:

A claim costs power no ? like on faction plugin in bukkit (massivecraft) ?:neutral_face:

I work to a very big project and i needed a faction plugin (massivecraft) for sponge. And before you, nobody thought to recreate this plugin with a power system. So I thought to do it myself.
Now no need to work on it, I will use yours if you grant it to me :smile:


Power while claiming works exactly the same like in the Massivecraft’s factions. :v:

You are not losing power. You are just increasing the number of your claims. If you have 6 power then you can have 6 claims only. If you have 2 power then you can only have 2 claims. :smile:

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Oh yes it’s true, I tangled my ideas. :upside_down_face:
But in the Massivecraft’s factions, there was no obligation to claim beside his faction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t remember how it worked :stuck_out_tongue: but I think I will change it so it will be possible to claim a land wherever you want. (The idea with outposts is pretty nice) :smile:

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You can make a 1.10.2 version ?

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I will, after 1.0.0 Release :v:

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