Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]


Works, but only displays integer values.


Limitation by Minecraft itself, that can't be changed. If you use it in the text part it is shown as a floating point number.


How to add a blank line?


Just set text to a space:

"number=1, text= "

The number part can never be blank


I have the feeling that a new plugin is unsuccessful. Automatic sorting not allows you to arrange the rows in the specified order. Not showing real numbers. It is not possible to change the color and format of values.


The previous plugin was more flexible.


Worked fine after a restart

@ziceptor I think the purpose of the update was to allow putting integer value placeholders to the score part of the scoreboard so instead of showing line numbers 0-15 it would show the integer placeholders. The downside to that is, you can't change the color since it's set by minecraft, and it can only be integers.

You can always go back to the previous formatting and just set the number=0++ up to 15


I know about it. For me more minuses than pluses. I have already stopped using the new plugin.


What's the new command equivilent of easyscoreboard set 1 Sometext, I can't seem to get it to work since the syntax changed, and there's no documentation that I can find.


Because of the fact that it is now possible to use placeholders as number you can't set a line per command like before. I'll maybe add a /esb add <String> <String> command in the next version, because editing existing lines is more complicated.

For now you can edit the lines in the config and then use /sponge plugins reload to update the scoreboard.


Alright thank you for the information, I need to decide if I have to roll back then, we have a lot of automated scoreboard updates, thank you for the information though!

that said, they're all timer based, if it's simpler to add the ability to hide any lines that I flag as being countdown timer related if the timer is not running or paused (even if they're only text), that would really be all I need


I hope you can fix this bug.:disappointed_relieved:
[v2.0.1] 1.10.2

And the scoreboard did not auto refresh.
For example.Now time is 22:14. After 10 min.It also display 22:14.


@YottaFLOPS theres a bug, when you die you get disconnected from the server

logs here http://pastebin.com/5MaPiPdx


I'm almost certain that EasyScoreboards isn't causing this.


I removed it, now its working fine


Are you certain? Does the issue come back when you re-add it?


Yes, test all plugins, and this is the problem


Can you post the commands and/or config you're using with EasyScoreboards to make the client crash happen?


Can confirm the kicking on death.

Using default config with no changes
Kicks every time.


I haven't been able to reproduce this. Can you join #spongedev on irc.esper.net to discuss this further